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41 Express

Express is on of the best! They have great style of clothes and the quality of clothes remains the same even after 5 years. I love Express and their dresses are also too stylish. Try it! You will always cherish your clothes of express in your wardrobe!

Very sexy. Professional. People with curves, like myself, will look instantly slimmer, well kept, and classy. Pricey ($70 pants, $50 top) Worth it.

I have so much of their clothing, and they all look clean and stylish

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42 River Island

I don't understand y it has such a low position!

43 Nautica
44 Guess

A brand which is affordable and suit's many.. A brand which makes you exited

My combat boots are from here and I love them so much.

45 Gucci

Cause tao told me too

Love Gucci! Better quality

So retarted, GUCCI SHOULD BE number 1

46 Worthington
47 Zumiez

Woah! idk why this wasn't even created on the list its the greatest store of all time like I spent 240$ in there and came back to spend 50$ more I kno crazy right and all I spent it on was 1 pair of supra tk's, 2 shirts, skateboard deck, and hoodie - ballaboi17

It's the perfect store for skaters! Me being a skate girl, it's pretty hard to find skate brands at the store but my favorite brands like Supra, Vans, The Hundreds, Diamond Supply Co., and much more. I just love it!

Best store of all time! :) I buy clothes from them all the time! They're really good quality and they have great prices and designs! :) Their hoodies and tees are really worth it!

This is truly my favorite store! I buy from there all the time. I love their prices and their variety. Their website is actually pleasant to look at (unlike others)

48 Wills Lifestyle

It has amazing fabric quality and caters to current trends.

It adopts the current fashion

49 Mufti Jeans

Its one of the best brand... The clothing is superb n well suited for teens... Best buy in reasonable range..

50 Wrangler

Superb quality brand and reasonable price

51 LRG
53 rue21

I love rue21! It has things that are my style that I can't find anywhere else!

This is a great store. They have stuff for everyone. Super great prices and so cute

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54 True Religion

I cannot believe this is not there! What! Especially the outlet store. It rocks!

55 Flying Machine
56 Old Navy

There's been a recent video made by Old Navy called Unlimited. It's a music video & advertisement for a back-to-school sale. To be true, I don't like the video, or the song. I'm pretty sure people are only watching the video is because YouTube celebrities are in it, while others are liking the video & song. Seriously, Old Navy? This isn't a back to school commercial you made, this is a video about the first day of school with famous YouTubers in it. You're video, Unlimited, will have more views than there are customers buying stuff at your stores for back to school supplies.

I only shop here and I love their clothes because of all the styles and colors

Much cheaper than other stores, but no junior section.

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57 Icing

Icing has the cutest things! I absolutely love going there!

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58 Reebok
59 Lee Cooper

So comfortable I could buy every single piece of clothing!

60 Urban Outfitters

I'm in love with at store. It has so many things like clothes, shoes, bags ( There bags are the bomb! ), you can buy things for your house and everything. Check out the website, I hope you like it!

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