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141 Penshoppe
142 Voi Jeans

Excellent quality but quite high prices, really stylish and have a good range.


Its cool, Indonesian branded

144 XPosur
145 D'urban
146 Van Heusen
147 Garage

Totally for teen girls. One of the best teen stores out there :) Good prices, cute patterns, major sales and AMAZING service.

148 Brothers V 2 Comments
149 Bershka
150 Banana Republic

Banana Republic is my favorite store. The quality of their clothes is really good, and they always hired good luck and friendly staff.

151 Tillys

I love tillys, it's always been my favorite store and I always go there for back to school shopping, ya it may be expensive but worth the money! The cloths are super soft also

Good clothes, but very expensive!

152 Scotch and Soda

Brilliant! Classic and edgy designs, cool materials, awesome patterns and models. Very good quality and affordable prices. Extremely chique and up-to-date. Go and check it out!

153 Pink Victoria's Secret

Such trendy, fashionable clothes!

So good vote for it needs to be wayyy higher

Needs to be way highhher. Best store here

154 Planeteves

Best online store for women and have latest fashion trends and services.

Planeteves is a great Women apparel online shopping site. They deliver the item within minimal time with greate support team.

155 Stüssy
156 DSTLD Jeans

Best jeans and great prices

157 Grayers

One of the best and classiest English brands ever. Competes with Polo and destroys Tommy Hilfiger. Literally, a tee I have have indigo for color, like from the plant. #CLASSY

158 Jack & Jones
159 Ardene

I just love Ardene. There clothing is so cheep. Here's proof wright now you can buy one get one fora dollar for any shoes! And I got a sweater there for seven dollars! And it's really good for if your in your tween or teen years

160 Tarocash
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