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21 Lodgegate

Lodgegate - the next generation Web based Property Management System for hotels, apartments and bungalowparks, sizing from 5 to 5000 rooms.

Lodgegate - the next generation Web based Property Management System for hotels, apartments and bungalowparks, sizing from 5 to 5000 rooms.

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22 Frontdesk

This is the best software that I have used ever.

Many features to be used.

23 Newhotel Cloud PMS

Newhotel Cloud PMS is the most complete Cloud PMS in the market right now. It is able to localize to any country's fiscal certifications, fiscal printers, tourism boards and immigration authorities. It is multi-language, multi-user and is localized for more than 50 countries with 3000 hotels.

24 mycloud

Comprehensive Cloud based Hospitality solution, manages complete hotel operations and guest services.

Happy to the user - great solution for the new generation ahead

Excellent Solution with a great support team.

Mycloud is a one stop shop for hotels that are looking for 1. user friendly program 2. easy switch from existing platform 3. Fully integrated from PMS - CM from POS - HK to ENG.

With an online chat feature, you always have someone who will respond; supported by a management team who ensures client satisfaction. Four stars because I believe there is always room to improve and being consistent is paramount.

Try it to know it.

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25 OpenHotel

Open Hotel is exceptional. Functionality is great, cutting edge integration across the board, and customer service couldn't be better! Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Property management system for small and mid size properties. Extensive features and reporting. Intuitive interface and easy to get started.

We vetted 15 systems and OpenHotel had the most functionality at competitive pricing. They continue to increase their features and add them to the system. Great groups, packages, and event management features as well. The little we've needed the support has been nothing less than amazing. So glad we found them.

Tons of features but easy to use and implement. A++ support.

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26 NewBook PMS

The best cloud based PMS which makes integration of third party services very simple.

27 Guestline Rezlynx

Our cloud based property management software

Fantastic features and great service

28 PMS Cloud

Simple and fast. Easy to set up. Works perfectly with several sales channels. All you need in one place.

PMS Cloud ( is one of the most comprehensive but easy to use cloud-based property management system for hotels.

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29 Cloudbeds V 2 Comments
30 Hotelline

I have use Hotelline solution. It is very easy to use and very very affordable cloud PMS. "Hotelline identifies and incorporates latest technology trends in its software design so that it can lead the segment".. Good To Use.

Best one an indian cloud software.

Atulyam Hotelline - Best Hotels Management Software (HMS) Company

31 Nova PMS

Great PMS replacement product for large PMS products. Loads of functionality...

Cloud native solution for next generation hoteliers

Also great support and excellent technology

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32 Calypso Integrated PMS

All-in-one Cloud solution for all hotels, integrated with PMS, POS, Channel Manager, BE, Payment Gateway, Door Lock system, Self service Check-in Kiosk. Really great software! I do recommend!

33 RMS Hotel

Great product, many features at honest price. I have checked many softwares before but inngenius is my favorite.

User friendly and good support.
The more you dig in the more features you ll discover.
Great value for the money compared to what other PMS.

2.99 per room per month includes direct connections through our booking engine Innconnect, an easy to use pms with POS, housekeeping, customized email templates, payment gateway connection to or CMS, an optional GDS connection, 24 hour support online chat, and lots of other great features! With an office here in Houston, TX, we are also local. Sign up for our completely free 30 day trial

Be sure to sign up to Inngenius and Innconnect, as they are both included in the price.

Get completely set up without paying a dime! We are so sure you will love our product, we offer complete set up for free. - Inngeniuspms

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35 Hotelmeister

Hotelmeister is a cloud-based hotel management software which gives you more time for what really matters. Designed specifically for the needs of small and medium sized hotels and holiday rentals. Hotelmeister is the first self explaining hotel management software in the world. The property management system is fully responsive and optimized for PC, Mac, Tablet, iPad and even mobile phones.

Spend more time with your guests, instead of managing your hotel.

No upfront setup fee.
No contract binding. - prainer

36 Hotel Ninjas

Hotel Ninjas is a Web-based Hotel Management Software. Helps hotels increase occupancy rates and generate more direct visits.

Great solution. On top of innovation and flexibility with Salesforce architecture!

37 Lodgit
38 5stelle*

Very powerful. The best for our 100 rooms

39 Redforts Software
40 Agilysys rGuest Stay PMS

The company's rGuest hospitality platform is a truly innovative solution that can help us connect more closely with our guests. In addition, Agilysys provided the partnership approach we desired.

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