Top 10 Best Cloud Based Salon Management Software

Here is the list of top 10 salon management software that delivers everything you need to manage your salon operations. These are the best cloud based solution with an all-in-one functionality.

The Top Ten

1 Salonist Salonist

Best software ever. - juliaching

Salonist takes care of your salon and spa business, so that you can take care of your clients. It helps you to fill your schedule and then manage it all from one screen. It covers all management areas of salon & spa business with spa inventory software, spa booking system and spa booking apps. - nainaroy

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2 Easy Salon Software Visit Website9
3 Zenoti Visit Website9
4 Salon Iris Visit Website9
5 Timely Visit Website9
6 Vagaro Visit Website9
7 Millennium Salon Software Visit Website9
8 Versum Visit Website9
9 Insight Salon & Spa Software Visit Website9
10 Waffor

This software is simple and powerful. It just works and make my life easy. Recommendation is the coolest feature they have. It gives timely recommendation on where should I focus and weaknesses and help be to take corrective action. Now I have full control of my business.

All the features in affordable price... Value for money

Great software easy to use affordable - MioSalon

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