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1 Sensei

Sensei is cool to. I would personally love to steal his hat a beard. He runs the dojo, and controls the belt progress. Some people say they can hack him but nobody can. - Majesticbutter77

The original Sensei is best of all. :) Sensei is really cool! :D

Sensei is master but he might think he is the best but I can sometimes beat him and I beat him more times than he beats me! Epic on Sensei, but I hope he becomes completely first lace here and gets past Rockhopper! Rockhopper and the other sensei's are cool too but this sensei is even better! 9000 x :D 200 x :) = EPIC! :D, Does not = D;!

2 Rockhopper

Rockhopper is the best. He is the only pirate in club penguin and he has an EPIC hat. You can feed him in smoothie smash which made my day. His outfit is also EPIC - Majesticbutter77

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3 Copperjr

Copperjr is my penguin. I have a red Mohawk, and EPIC clothing. I have an membership for 3 months and EPIC friends. I am a ninja and almost a fire ninja. That ROCKS! - Majesticbutter77

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4 Water Sensei

Water sensei is my second favorite sensei. He was the second EVER sensei. He controls the water suit progress. I don't know what happens when you defeat him but you must become something pretty cool - Majesticbutter77

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5 Cadence

She is the coolest and only DJ in club penguin. Pink skin and headphones make her that EPIC (and attractive) She controls the dance offs. She is the DJ for them - Majesticbutter77

She rules! She's just optimistic and cute! I even love her songs!

My bestie kay-kay (my way of calling cadence ) and I am her fan.also I meet her 6 times

6 Herbert

Herbert is not really a penguin but he is on the game. He is the EVIL polar bear that tries to destroy the server. He has a pet crab that LOVES pizza. - Majesticbutter77

7 Cococat4

Cococat4 is one of my best friends. He looks really cool. He is kind and makes the bomb iggy's. His catch frase is "Bubbles go up" - Majesticbutter77

Ok ill vote just because somebody's not putting there self on the list on the list


8 Razer86968

Razer86968 is really EPIC and loves to declare war against other clubs. He is not really kind and needs help to pick the EPIC houses for his game. He is a fire ninja and ninja right. He loves when our friend Pinker puts a bikini and octopus suit on her penguin - Majesticbutter77

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9 Gary the Gadget Guy

Gary the Gadget guy is the most helpful guy you can meet. He technically owns the EPF agency. He wears glasses and a white lab coat. He is the guy that gives you gadgets on your missions - Majesticbutter77

10 Fire Sensei

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11 Cutie9081
12 Viking2356
13 Yellow Puffle
14 AWesome X7

I have 504 friends I'm really nice I'm very rare I have shamrock pin hearts background stove and washing machine I'm cool and I hope I see all of you someday till then waddle on

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15 Pinker829

Pinker829 is so kind and nice but she likes to poke people sometimes. She has a membership and many costumes (along with the MyPenguin app for IPad) She has been on club penguin for a while now - Majesticbutter77

16 Sherbert's Crab
17 Black Puffle
18 Purple Puffle
19 Judo09
20 ThinkNooodles
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