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21 9th Anniversary Party

What. This party sucked. The 10th Anniversary party was the best!

Why is this on the list? The tenth was amazing!

22 Waddle On Party

i'm sad

The Finall party of club penguin
We got free membership in the last day saddly this is the final party :(

23 April Fools Day Party 2012

"This was my favorite party! It was silly, it added new and fun rooms accessible through the box dimension and you could throw balloons filled with paint instead of snowballs! "

24 Water Party 2007

One of my favorite Club Penguin parties ever, as well as one of my first! This party came out only a few months after I made my account, and I loved it so much! It's too bad that most of the non-holiday themed parties are not just about crossovers and takeovers now.

Water party 2007 was a great party. The creative story line of a tragedy turning into a fun party where everyone could have fun. Oh, those where the days. Sadly this party hasn't returned since 2008. I miss the water party.

This party showed club penguin at its best. It was not based on a movie or puffles; it was just the creativity of the club penguin artists. I also love this party because they made it so fun without completely changing the island. This was truly the best party in the Club Penguin's history.

25 Future Party
26 Operation: Puffle
27 Hollywood Party 2013

This party was so fun! You got to dress like moviestars and act in movies, and there was a limo. How much better can it get?

28 Music Jam 2011

It was this party when I started club penguin

The greatest Party on Club Penguin ever!. I was thare

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