Top Ten Club Penguin Songs

Club Penguin had produced many amazing songs for its fans. Which one would you listen to for days? Which one is the most catchiest, upbeat song?

The Top Ten Club Penguin Songs

1 You Got This by Cadence


Is very cool song! - Joaopuffle1

No! It's the worst!

2 Cool in the Cold by Cadence
3 Ghosts Just Wanna Dance
4 Anchors Aweigh by Penguin Band
5 Puffle Party (Gotta Have a Wingman) by Stompin' Bob
6 Party in My Iggy by Franky
7 It's Your Birthday! by Jordan Fisher
8 Best Day Ever by Cadence
9 Awesome to be Rare by Glitterpants
10 The Party Starts Now - Cadence

The Contenders

11 Ghost Just Wanna Dance - Cadence & Penguin Band
12 Gonna Be Epic - Cadence
13 (Gotta Have a Wingman) - Penguin Band
14 Glitterpants Song - Puffle Glitterpants
15 Puffle Shuffle - Cadence
16 Puffle Dubstep
17 Mixed Maestro
18 Halloween Party Theme
19 Forever Summer
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