Best Club Penguin YouTubers

The Top Ten

1 Thinknoodles

He helps people with his cheats videos and interacts with his fans and is a nice and good guy. - TheAlterPlace

2 CpBroadcast

His skits are really well written and funny, he doesn't upload a lot, but he can make people laugh and entertain them. - TheAlterPlace

3 Poonchee

He's not that popular, but if you watch his videos, you'll love him! - TheAlterPlace

4 Graser10
5 Archiyoso
6 CPWorld
7 Jempenguin
8 CpDodgers4
9 CpUploads2

He mostly does stamps videos but he is a BOSS and whenever you look up a stamp video, one of his videos will be up there. He is really helpful to stamp hunters and can beast in club penguin! - TheAlterPlace

10 TheAlterPlace

He's a really nice guy and really underrated! His meeting mascots series is entertaining, his cheats are super helpful! - TheAlterPlace

The Contenders

11 CowbellyTV

He makes me laugh till my stomach hurts.

Listen up here ya fat b! tch

12 sup3rp3nguinfag1337
13 The Miranda

Purple lucy very tooty

Oh not a YouTuber

14 Thoraskin

Great videos. Uploads allot and makes useful videos.

15 SoBeano and futureratboy
16 Memeulous
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