Most Clutch Performers in MLB


The Top Ten

1 David Ortiz

Ortiz has came up big in many clutch situations. Also Ortiz has clutch hits off Mariano Rivera.

I miss Ortiz so much. He was incredible for the Sox.



2 Mariano Rivera

Does clutch mean delivering a key play that changes the likely outcome of the game so that your team is now in position to win? If so, how is it clutch to enter the game only at the very end and only when your team is already winning? Or, maybe clutch means guarding the status quo for 1/18th of a game? If the latter, then Rivera is clutch.

David ortiz is not at all a good clutch player. He just sometimes hits a home run every once and a while. Rivera makes sure the Yankees end up with a win by shutting down the other team's hitting.

its gotta be rivera ortiz sucks

3 Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez
4 Carlos Quentin
5 Manny Ramirez
6 Johnan Santanna
7 Jermaine Dye
8 Xavier Nady
9 CC Sabathia
10 Albert Pujols

A-Rod is an Albert Pujols wanna be. Pujols is clutch. A-rod is not.

The Contenders

11 Chase Utley
12 Derek Jeter
13 Joe Crede
14 Trevor Hoffman
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