Best Coal Chamber Songs


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1 Loco

The best Coal Chamber song by far! Simply because the huge buildup at the beginning followed by the greatest head banging riff ever created. Vocals are deep and line perfectly with the guitar and drums. Phenomenal song.

2 Big Truck

Many say the lyrics of this song don't make sense. Obviously you're using some cheap headphones and not listening correctly because they actually work perfectly fine with the name of the song and tell a story of a crazed ice cream truck driver

3 Fiend

A more mainstream sounding song by Coal Chamber but the vocals bring the metal back into it.

4 Oddity

It's a great song and really explains outcasts.

5 Sway

The lyrics at the start of the song were taken from a classic and transformed into something amazing. The riff is extremely simple. Only 3 frets on the guitar. Although heavy and simple, it is a great song.

6 Shock the Monkey

A cover of Peter Gabriel featuring Ozzy Osbourne - NuMetalManiak

Although this is a good song and all it should not receive a top 10 position. Coal Chamber has released much better songs that have a much better riff and listenability

7 Something Told Me
8 Bradley
9 Rowboat

Wow... I wasn't expecting Rowboat to be so high... Its good, but I thought it would be more overlooked. - ThatoneMetalhead

10 Untrue

Great song - DefiledAmygdala

The Contenders

11 My Frustration

Lets just say that this is my favorite metal song for a reason... yet nobody has heard it. Sad. - ThatoneMetalhead

12 Not Living
13 Tyler's Song
14 Suffer In Silence
15 Dark Days
16 No Home
17 What's In Your Mind
18 Tragedy
19 Notion
20 Pig

This song has lots of variety in it, the lyrics are actually good, and the ending is absolutely insane.

21 Friend
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