Top 10 Call of Duty Trickshotters

The Top Ten

1 FaZe Rain

Has had some consistently outstanding shots. He's not one of those trickshotters that gets a good shot every once in a while, pretty much every week he gets some amazing shot.

He's will be my top trickshotter to teach me to learn to trick shot

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2 Tyendinaga

I know you can't pronounce his name but he hits everything window shots wallbangs amazing dropbacks and my favorite shot of his was a wallbang dropback double can swap on studio

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3 SoaR kayoss

I think that's his name he hits across maps all day

4 FaZe linksy

This guy is the best

5 FaZe Fakie

The inventor of the fakie

6 FaZe PryZee

Just insane you have to watch him

7 FaZe Apex

I love his series road too killcam he doesent hit shots too often but when he does there insane

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8 FaZe Rebirthh

Well I don't know him much but I heard he's good

9 FaZe Banks

He's gone but it still a god

10 FaZe Sullys

The Contenders

11 Red Randumb
12 SoaR Brioh
13 VanossGaming
14 FaZe Adapt

Soar Adapt

15 SoNic Steadi
16 FaZe Replays
17 Red Kiwiz
18 Red Nicks
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