Top Ten Code Geass Questions to Ask to Users of TheTopTens

Inspired by TwilightKitsune's question lists and some other question lists. So here you go! A list of some Code Geass questions to ask to users of thetoptens! Please note that Akito The Exiled also counts.

The Top Ten

What got you into Code Geass?

A bubbleteafrenzy video did. - MLPFan

Who is/are your favourite character(s)?

Lelouch, C.C., Nunally, Suzaku, Anya, Kallen, Kaguya, Euphemia, and of course...Orange Boy! - MLPFan

Who is your least favourite character?

Nina, Schneizel, Charles, Marriane(spoilers, It turned out she is not a saint), Shirley(she just irritates me. But she is a better person than the other four I mentioned before), and the worst one, Mao. Why you ask? First he shot C.C. with a gun, he nearly chainsaw her and abducted her, he blackmails, he kidnapped Nunnaly and held her hostage in Ashford Academy's water system, and he is just immature(I know, hating on someone for their childishness is ridiculous but when I see someone immature, It makes me cringe and annoyed), also the Mao Of The Deliverance fanfic. - MLPFan

What are your favourite shippings?

And in Akito the Exiled, my favourite ship is Akito Hyuga x Leila Malcal - MLPFan

My OTP would be Lelouch X C.C. I love all the moments they shared and not to mention when he told her that If she Is a witch then he shall be a warlock. I also like Suzaku X Euphemia or Suzaku X Nunnally - MLPFan

Which one do you prefer, R1 or R2?

Well, I do love both seasons. But If I have to pick one, It would be R1. R2, especially the last episode made me teary eyed. R2 may be a lot more serious, But I prefer R1 because of the school festival episode(poor C.C, the giant pizza dough was thrown to the pine tree and look how sad she was, she loves to eat pizza so much)and a scene from the 5th episode(so Lelouch was looking up for the Suzaku Kuruugi incident, and Kallen asked about some phone call. And Lelouch saw C.C. wondering around Ashford Academy in broad daylight. Some people said that she was showing him the middle finger, and If she really did, the scene would be pretty hilarious) - MLPFan

What would you do If you have geass?

If the geass I get Is like Lelouch's geass where I can make people into obeying my commands, I'd geass the bullies at my school to do an embarrassing dance in front of the whole school with their clothes backwards. - MLPFan

What would you do If you got the code?

I hope I won't, since it turns out that being immortal means having to see your loved ones leave you and you would be all alone - MLPFan

What are your least favourite shippings?

Mao x C.C. That "shipping" is rather abusive and forced on my opinion - MLPFan

What are your favourite organizations In Code Geass?(meaning:The Chinese Federation and the UFN don't count)

The Black Knights and Knights Of the Round are very cool! - MLPFan

What Is Your Favourite Knightmare Frame?

The Lancelot, of course! The Guren and the Gawain are also great too, anyway! - MLPFan

The Contenders

Who is the prettiest character?

Haven't watched this yet but I looked up the Code Geass Wikia and I think the green haired one is the one I like best - TwilightKitsune

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