Best Coffee Drinks

Coffee is awesome, delicious taste, makes for a great energy drink!

The Top Ten Best Coffee Drinks

1 Americano

Just plain black coffee, get the full taste of the beans - JazzPunk

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And yes, that's good coffee indeed. - Frohlin

2 Flat White

It’s a latte but it’s smaller amd stronger so you still get the full taste of the coffee - JazzPunk

3 White Americano

Americano with a drop of milk - JazzPunk

4 Espresso

Intense stuff, but really tasty - JazzPunk

5 Mocha

Chocolate coffee is best

Coffee and chocolate, matchmade in heaven! - JazzPunk

6 Cappucino

Lovely frothy milk on top - JazzPunk

7 Macchiato

A shot of espresso topped with milk froth - JazzPunk

8 Latte

Perhaos one of the most popular white coffees, personlly I think they have too much milk which weakens the taste if the coffee, but still a delicious drink - JazzPunk

9 Cold Brew Coffee
10 Iced Coffee

Perfection. Even better with caramel

I love Iced coffee - The_Monster

The Contenders

11 Frappuccinos
12 Turkish Coffee
13 Irish Coffee

Coffee with whiskey and topped with whipped cream - JazzPunk

14 Vietnamese Coffee

It's very unique and is sonething every coffee lover must try. - Frohlin

15 Java
16 Drip Coffee
17 Frappe

It's incredibly easy to make and once you taste it you'll get addicted to it!

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