Best Coheed and Cambria Albums

The Top Ten Best Coheed and Cambria Albums

1 Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness

The production value finally met the talent of the band. A long album, but a dense one at that. Their most solid artist statement to date.

From start till finsh its all the amazingly unique sound of coheed and cambria with no filler, all of the songs are amazing.

As much as I love “The Light & the Glass”, “The Crowing”, etc."sorry, “In Keeping Secrets…” doesn’t have the brilliance that is “Welcome Home” and “The Willing Well”.

2 In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

With songs like a favor house Atlantic and in keeping secrets of silent earth: 3, there is no doubt why this album is the best

3 The Second Stage Turbine Blade

Everyone should listen to their early work! It's so good.

Best Coheed album. Period.

How is this last?! Shocking.

The fact that this is below YOTBR is sad

4 The Afterman: Descension

The Afterman (both parts) deserve to stand along side The Wall and any other great concept album ever written.

5 The Afterman: Ascension


6 No World for Tomorrow

The guitar riff heavy album is the album best. Every song is killer, leading up to the magnum opus that is “The End Complete”

7 Year of the Black Rainbow

Coheed and Cambria's truly first record of auditory deviance, this album witnesses a band evolving towards alternative textures and streamlined instrumentation within the context of straightforward progressive rock; and, naturally, the results are mixed. - JR302

8 The Color Before the Sun

This album is, as the Architect would put it, the logical sum of a remainder. Every little twinge of pop, smattering of alternative, and briefly stream-lined musical passage that the band has hidden in their music for over a decade has accumulated into this record - one that fearlessly (and finally) follows the path laid by its three-times-predecessor 'Year of the Black Rainbow' into even further experimentation and deviance. - JR302

Seems underrated

9 Vaxis – Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures

Full of great songs. Not as epic as GA 1 or The Afterman (both parts), but very solid with a lot of ear candy.

New but awesome

Multiple solid songs and the Dark Sentencer is epic.

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