College Sports Teams with the Most Annoying Fans


The Top Ten

1 Alabama Crimson Tide Alabama Crimson Tide The Alabama Crimson Tide refers to the 21 men and women varsity teams that represent the University of Alabama.

It’s going to be a sad day when Saban retires. Alabama fans will be crying for the next 5-10 years because their team will be irrelevant. They’ll have 3-4 coaches fired before they find their next savior. The rest of America will be dancing in the streets.

Alabama has the most annoying fans of all time. They’re rude, arrogant, and full of themselves (Most of them anyway, I know someone who’s an Alabama fan that isn’t annoying). They always want to shout that stupid "BAMA! BAMA! BAMA! " crap. - railfan99

2 Florida Gators Florida Gators The Florida Gators are the intercollegiate sports teams that represent the University of Florida located in Gainesville, Florida.

If you go there and you diss their sports teams you’ll probably be killed. - railfan99

3 Ohio State Buckeyes Ohio State Buckeyes The Ohio State Buckeyes are the athletic teams that represent The Ohio State University, named after the colloquial term for people from the state of Ohio and after the state tree, the Ohio Buckeye.
4 Louisiana State Tigers Louisiana State Tigers
5 Wichita State Shockers Wichita State Shockers
6 UCF Knights UCF Knights

Okay, I changed my mind. Alabama is worse. - railfan99

7 Clemson Tigers Clemson Tigers The Clemson Tigers are the athletic teams representing Clemson University. They compete as a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I level (Football Bowl Subdivision, primarily competing in the Atlantic Coast Conference for all sports since the 1953-54 season.
8 Michigan Wolverines Michigan Wolverines The Michigan Wolverines comprise 27 varsity sports teams at the University of Michigan. These teams compete in the NCAA's Division I and in the Big Ten Conference in all sports except women's water polo, which competes in the NCAA inter-divisional Collegiate Water Polo Association.
9 Bryant Bulldogs Bryant Bulldogs
10 North Carolina Tarheels North Carolina Tarheels

They walk around like their God sent, so arrogant. They point fingers at other programs, even though their basketball and football program are as crooked as it gets, especially basketball. If you hound them on any sport outside basketball, they don’t care. That’s really giving all their athletes real support!

The Contenders

11 Oregon Ducks Oregon Ducks The Oregon Ducks are the athletic teams that represent the University of Oregon, a public flagship research university located in Eugene, Oregon.
12 Florida State Seminoles Florida State Seminoles
13 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Notre Dame Fighting Irish The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are the athletic teams that represent the University of Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish participate in 23 National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I intercollegiate sports and in the NCAA's Division I in all sports, with many teams competing in the Atlantic Coast more.

This list is incomplete without Notre Dame. They live in the past like Michigan and have annoying bandwagon fans across the nation like Alabama.

14 Washington Huskies Washington Huskies
15 Washington State Cougars Washington State Cougars
16 Kansas Jayhawks Kansas Jayhawks The Kansas Jayhawks, commonly referred to as KU, are the teams of the athletic department at the University of Kansas. They are currently a member of the Big 12 Conference
17 Connecticut Huskies Connecticut Huskies
18 Memphis Tigers Memphis Tigers
19 Tulsa Golden Hurricane Tulsa Golden Hurricane
20 Bethune-Cookman Wildcats Bethune-Cookman Wildcats
21 UCLA Bruins UCLA Bruins
22 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
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