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21 Cambrian College

Cambrian School and College (Metropolitan College, King's College, Winsome College)
Is an educational institution in Bangladesh, run by the Backstreet Boys Foundation.
Cambrian College has 16 campuses.
Total students: 8000 - ashik

Discipline is the key of any success. Cambrian College is one of the model for learning this important things. Thus, the quality of education is increasing day day. Hope this college will do better in future.

Best privet college in my life

This college is renowned for making diamind out of coal.
You simply just can't make bad result in this college

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22 Chittagong College

This is place where students can make affairs without any hesitation!

Chittagong college is my favourite college & I think this college is best in my country.

It' the heart of Chittagong city and Cambridge for Bangladesh

It's the best collage in Bangladesh...

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23 Dhaka Imperial College

The most underrated but one of the best colleges in Bangladesh

The education system of this college is the best. It has the best digital campus in Bangladesh. Should be on top ten.

The best college in my eyes... I love my college

This institution gives us basic concept

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24 St. Joseph College

Having both primary and secondary education level, this institution also offers higher secondary education from 2001. The secondary level has both science and commerce version. The higher secondary level includes humanities too. All the levels have both Bengali and English versions, each class having two Bengali and one English version sections.

The secondary level has both science and commerce version is so good in Dhaka City.

One of the best college with beautiful campus. We love st. Joseph a lot.

Place where I learn about myself. This place taught me to fight for a reason with courage in real life.

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25 Government Hazi Mohammad Mohshin College

Proud to be a student of this college... the environment, as well as education.. just admirable.. we got Many Many chance to get Crushed...

I was a student of this college. Cambrian college is the best one from all the sides.

26 Gulshan Commerce College. Dhaka

This college should be in top 10.

GCC is a college, dedicated to uphold business education in higher secondary level... & has excellent academic atmosphere with dedicated & skilled teaching panel.

27 Rajshahi College

After the return of Higher Secondary Class in 2010, Rajshahi College has constantly kept it's top position in Rajshahi as well as in Bangladesh. Owing to the low number of students, it has comparatively less GPA 5 holders, but the percentage of GPA 5 in Science group almost near 100% each year. The teachers are very kind and sincere. There are many brilliant students from North Bengal. Not to mention, Rajshahi College has many International Olympiad (Physics, Math, Astronomy and many more! ) participants in recent years, and hopefully there will be many more to come in future too.

This is the best college in Bangladesh

28 Mosharraf Hossain Khan Choudhury University College

Mosharraf Hossain Khan Chowdhury University College is one of the best college not only from Comilla but also all over the country. Every year it holds place in the top 20 colleges list made by the Comilla education board. - RiazCou

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29 Shahid Syed Nazrul Islam College

Shahid Syed Nazrul Islam College Is one of the most Beautiful college All of the Side.

Friendly behaviour of teachers... Just amazing

I know this college teacher is so good

Best college ever I seen in my life

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30 Al-Hera College

It's a college of best rule and regulation and make a honest life - ListOfAllTopTensEduOrgBD

31 Abdul Kadir Mollah City College

My fast Choice

I want to communicate with you. So I want your contact number

College teachers are very friendly

32 Govt. M. M. City College

We are not telling that we are the best... the condition of the collge, the cercumstances, scarcity facilities, no maintainance of law, tiny campus, political harrasement etc our daily issue

Daily we used to pass through it, in the end we achieve the best titlein jessore board

So who can say? May beone day, we will definitely beat the top dogs and proove ourself in country


This is one of the best college in bd. there are numbers of good faculty.

33 SOS Hermann Gmeiner College, Dhaka

The best college in Dhaka

No doubt,that it is one of the best school & college for bangla medium.

34 Rajshahi Cadet College

Best and awesome college in Bangladesh


It is one of the old cadet colleges among 4 old ones..
This college has got great natural beauty & perfect platform for a boy to establish into his career.
Moreover, The RCC ex-cadets are serving home & abroad as top leaders of this country!

35 Bangladesh Navy College

It was very sad to get admitted here,...
But as the days pass, it becomes impossible to forget...

I want to get Admitted into this wander full college

It's a college of best rule and regulation and make a honest life

The rules and regulations are so a student cannot do anything what he or she want.this is the best college in mirpur. - skshourav

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36 Jamuna Sarkarkhana College

Though not situated in Dhaka, the college has very qualified teaching staff and very high-quality education system. So, the college deserves to be one of the best colleges in Bangladesh.

Jamuna Sarkarkhana College was established in 1991 to spread quality education for the people working in Jamalpur and the children of the people living in Jamuna Fertilizer Colony. The school obtained perfection by incorporating science, arts and commerce in session 1991-1992. One of the best College ever all of BCIC Colleges in Bangladesh.

It's a qualified school

Being this college outside from the Dhaka, it's teaching method is very much qualitiful. So I think Jamuna Sarkarkhana College is the best college.

37 Comilla Victoria Govt. College

One of the best college in Bangladesh. Not only for its glorious result but also for its historical value and successful alumni all over the world.

One of best College In Bangladesh...

It's a best college

I was the student of college in 1991.I love my college.i wish it should be in top 10.

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38 Monipur School and College

I thing monipur college a good college

Best college

Good college


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39 Government City College, Chittagong

We are not telling that we are the best... The condition of the college, the circumstances, scarcity facilities, no maintenance of law, tiny campus, political harassment etc our daily issue

Daily we used to pass through it,but students of this college showed sincerity;try to do best...

Govt. City College, Chittagong

Our college is the best

This is the best College in ctg district, proud to be a student of this college.

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40 Government Azizul Haque College

One of the best colleges funded by the government which works on average quality of students and make them prepare unbeatable.

Government Azizul Haque College in Bogra is a public college under the National University of Bangladesh. It is one of the largest educational institutions in Bangladesh's northern region

Best college of rajshahi board...only golden...

A+ chara vorti nai na,... amar chance hoine...fokir marka college

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