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41 BCIC College

This collage is better for science students.

It is the best college for a good student.

This college is better for humanities students

I think for science students It is the best college of all..but it have to do better for commerce..

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42 National Ideal College

Where is it located?

i like

I'm already apply to this college but I don't know about this institute.
I think it will be better for me and my career. As a Humanities student I have to take strong minded decision.

This is one of the best college in Bangladesh
This college has not his own campus but the educatioal system of this college are amazing.
Every single students tried hard to get a well marked in the exam

43 Kushtia Govt. College

This is the Best in Khulna division

The most tallented students are here...
The college hasn't accepted any student under Golden GPA 5.00

Kushtia Government College envisions providing a comprehensive education to develop the whole person β€" committed, creative, productive, service-oriented, academically competent and responsive to face the challenges of the times. It is one great educational institute in greater Kushtia distinct. So every meritorious students are welcome here.

44 Ispahani Public School & College

One of the best college in chittagong

This is the place where u can make yourself e royal person

45 Shaheed Ramiz Uddin Cantonment College



Best guides

46 New Govt. Degree College, Rajshahi

One of the best govt colleges in Bangladesh

One of the best college


One of the best in bangladesh

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47 M.C. College, Sylhet

The best college for higher secondary education in home of sylhet. has been produced millions of students since its birth. one of the oldest college in Asia.

It is one of the best college in sylhet. not only sylhet but also across the country. but some political problem is being held here harming students and their result.

Best college forever

48 Government Commerce College


49 M.E.H Arif College

It is a most prestigious and famous college in Gazipur district.

It's really a good college in Gazipur..There has no alternative of this college...

It is a great college in Gazipur.

Great school in gazipur

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50 Udayan Higher Secondary School

UHSS is the best college in Bangladesh, UHSS is very nice and its made me perfect

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51 Brahmanbaria Government College, Brahmanbaria

Brahmanbaria Government College, Brahmanbaria

Nice Brahmanbaria Government College, Brahmanbaria

52 Uttara High School and College

One of the best colleges in uttara

Best best best college

UHSC is the best college...

I'm an ex student of this school.. and believe me our college is best..! it will be one of the top college in dhaka board.! I will invite u to visit our campus for once..! Our teachers are too. much co- operative 😍 they are too much free to us.! and if u be an uhscian you can get a great result from here..! choice is on your hand πŸ’˜ every college is good.. but our college is damn best😊

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53 Willes Little Flower School & College

The Environment is very good

54 Comilla Cadet College

To me the best college in Comilla Education Board.

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55 Birshreshtha Munshi Abdur Rouf Public College

Great and well disciplined college in Bangladesh

56 Shamsul Hoque Khan School & College

It's rules are nice, really.

Really nice

57 Noakhali Government College

Noakhali college education & Natural environment is very fine.

Education & other facility make this college is the best in Maijdee which is the name of the place where talents of grater Noakhali live

Noakhali Gov't College is one of the famous college in biggest Noakhali. It situated in Noakhali town (Maijdee).

58 Bongobondhu College

One of the best colleges in Bangladesh.

59 Ananda Mohan College

Very good college for study. thanks its governing body

One of the most reputated colleges in Bangladesh. Undoubtedly the teachers are great here. Feeling proud to be a part of it. :-)

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60 Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar Girl's College

Established in 1957
One of the most famous college in Bangladesh
You can enjoy your life here

This college is one of the best college in DHAKA city

It is one of the very best college.

The best one ine Dhaka 😍

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