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81 Bhawal Bodre Alom Govt College
82 Tongi Govt College

Better college


83 Chittagong Cantonment Public College

"CCPC is the most famous and traditional College in Bangladesh. there has been given the highest priority in discipline

Ccpc is so hard peraaa

84 SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College
85 Dariapur College, Magura

I am also proud of my collage

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86 Adhyapak Abdul Majid College

This is one kind of fastest growing college I have ever seen in my life. This college also taking this liberty to introduce their college as a country leading college rendering their services with utmost sincerity. This college inaugurated its operation since 1995. I think they have a lots of adequate teachers and they always try to change their college atmosphere which is helps them to reach their expected target. Most often it was seen that is the zeal enthusiasm of each student which is also helps them to continue their study. It is one kind of great quality.

I always pray for this college for his long live and brilliant success.

Thanking You

Session 2003-2004

Produces some brillant students who marked their excellence around the world...Blv it or not!

87 Comilla Govt. College
88 Government Syed Hatem Ali College

It is a good college...but It politics sides are too much rough.

It's a famous college in barisal district

89 Charfassion Govt. College

Discipline is the main key for its success... Natural beauty is the main attraction for the people of the Iceland...

I am really proud of my college because it was Nationalization.

90 Motijheel Govt. Boys' High School and College

This College is one of the Best
College in Bangladesh. Teachers of
This colleges are highly qualified.

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91 Barisal Cadet College
92 Kazi Mohammad Shafiqul Islam University College

The college is best because it bring out brilliant result and make a student brilliant from the dull student.

Excellent teaching environment and expert teachers are the main strength of this college.

93 Pabna Cadet College

A unique alma mater for the Higher secondary and secondary students in Bangladesh with a sparkling and scintillating result background.

A unique Alma mater for higher secondary and secondary level students with sparkling and scintillating result background.

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94 Badshah Faisal Institute (School & College)
95 Dinajpur Government College
96 Dinajpur Ideal College

Good one for the student of science

97 President Professor Dr. Iajuddin Ahmed Residential Model School & College

It's a very beautiful college near a big River.

Not good.because the teachers are not good...The company take too much money.
but the teachers cannot give too much teach..
It is a very bad collage

98 Comilla Cantonment College
99 Cox's Bazar Government High School

It is one the best schools in the division of Chittagong.

100 Dakshin Surma Degree College
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