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101 Dakshin Surma Degree College
102 Khagrachari Cantonment Public School and College

It has been established in 2005.

103 Nimshar Junab Ali College
104 Mohammadpur Model School and College

I heard its good for proper education

One of the best college of dhaka city

Made my life bright, perfect, shine,...

105 National Ideal College, Dhaka

Horrible college. No good laboratory. No good teacher.. They rob money from the students.. Students suffers a lot for not getting proper guidance from the teachers.. Principal has a bad attitude. No life is here for the admitted students

106 Government Saadat College V 2 Comments
107 Sreekail College, Comilla.

SreekaiL college is a traditional college in comilla board. student have got most facilities of this college.

108 Government K.C. College V 1 Comment
109 Shahid Taz Uddin Ahmed Degree College, Hailjore
110 Gazipur Ideal College
111 Chauddagram Govt. College
112 Ghatail Cantonment Public School & College
113 Jessore Cantonment College

I was a student of cantonment college, Jessore. its discipline is followed strictly. I think it will back to its proud position again. wish this college best of luck.

I Am Stay Of Sylhet. Jessore Cantonment College It's A good. But Why This Colleges Reselt Is Down. itsa No Good reselt. I Wish You Are To Ago

114 Habibullah Bahar University
115 Biswanath Degree College, Sylhet

One of the most excellent educational institute I have ever seen.

It was established in 1987 and after that it is really doing very well. Recently it is one of the best college in sylhet divition.

116 Hazi Misir Ali University & College
117 Dinajpur Cantonment Public School and College

Only one cantt public school and college in bigger dinajpur

118 Sunway College
119 Hazera-Taju University College

Our college the beat

It is good college

120 Gazipur City College
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