Top Ten Colleges With the Rudest Fanbases


The Top Ten

1 Alabama

They can't stand criticism and they praise Alabama like it's Jesus Christ.

They can't even accept ONE loss, against Ole Miss. I'm an Ole Miss fan, in the state of Alabama. When Ole Miss beat them, every Bama fan was giving me a sour look.

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2 Florida St. V 1 Comment
3 Ohio St.

The only thing they will talk about is winning the first ever CFP! - DoroExploro13

4 LSU V 1 Comment
5 Michigan St.
6 Tennessee V 1 Comment
7 Georgia

They act like bulldogs with rabies! - DoroExploro13

8 Oregon V 1 Comment

Trojans are supposed to be protection. Not rude fans! - DoroExploro13

10 Central Florida V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Michigan

As someone who lives in Michigan, the Michigan colleges fanbase is a lot more rude and spirited than state. - soulpunk

Go Blue! We beat you! They can't celebrate a touchdown. They just make fun of other teams. - DoroExploro13

12 Duke
13 Oklahoma
14 Florida
15 Texas Tech V 1 Comment
16 Auburn
17 Texas A&M V 1 Comment
18 TCU

They played at our stadium once. They said rude things out loud.

19 Iowa State Cyclones Iowa State Cyclones

When we went to the game they harassed us the entire time, then after the game they got in our faces. They grabbed another fans head, and told them to f off. By far one of the worst fan bases I’ve come across. Classless.

20 Louisiana State University
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