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21 Hero - Prince Matchabelli
22 Mandate
23 La Nuit de L'homme - Yves Saint Laurent

Smells really. Really really good!

I've bought this for 3 men that's been in my life...the best scent! Only problem is it doesn't last long. Please add something to make it last longer. Or your dude can keep it in the

Best compliment you can get!

Smells sexy on a man. It's sublte, not overpowering but you smell it anyways and it makes you wonder who smells so good. It's kind of sweet and aromatic/spicy. The best man fragrance. I never get tired of smelling it on other men.

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24 Obsession For Men - Calvin Klein

Yes, Its been around forever and is the one all other colognes compare to... Mellow and sweet is how I would describe it... A must smell!

A great cologne

You can never go wrong with Obsession. A definate must have. The best of all time!

25 Bleu de Chanel

This offer by Chanel is an all around woody aromatic people pleaser and woman are definitely attracted to it!

A great signature scent. And its a pantie dropper.

I just bought this cologne the other day. I love the smell. Also I get so many compliments. Should be #1

A new classic. Fresh and elegant with a smoky undertone.

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26 Polo Sport - Ralph Lauren

It is a fresh-clean man fragrance having good longevity and sillage

this smell is like an aphrodisiac! - luvtoread

This is a bottle of Masculinity.. I feel like a cow boy


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27 Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren

Are you serious someone has a serious issue if they put Polo Blue in a ranking of 21 of the best colognes that are out there. This cologne is a top 5 at best not to mention the the longevity is amazing I damn near have to wash the scent out of my clothes polo blue is a definite top 5 colognes 2016

Magical unique I feel happy when I put it!

It smell so good ladies love it and man love it where ever I go I get the best complements its freash, lovely

A great Polo with a fresh smell. I've worn all kinds of colognes, and this is in top 3

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28 Blue Stratos
29 Versace Pour Homme

People obviously haven't tried this. Best cologne ever made for men in their 20's. Asked 3 girls at 3 different fragrance stores and they all mentioned this as THE BEST - one mentioned it along with davidoff coolwater and other with polo but Versace PH is the weapon.

Truly underrated and absolutely great smelling. With over 150 different perfumes this in my top 3! Can be worn both in a casual attire or classy suit. Great projection, silage and longevity. A must try. Not to be confused with other versace scents. This is called Homme.

Yeah, coolest smell - both formal and sporty... Similar to chanel allure homme sport

I guess this is the best cologne ever

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30 Joop Homme

Nice smell. Comparably affordable. Long lasting.


Way to sweet

Of my 5 of best colognes for men

#1. Joop

#2. obsession for men

#3. perry ellis

#4. Eternity for men

#5. Quorum

31 Dior Dior


32 Nautica Voyage

Something about this cologne immediately grabbed my attention. It has top notes of melon, which fade into a nice mellow base. My favorite daytime cologne so far.

Wonderful fresh fragrance without that "cologny" smell... It is bright, aquatic, even fruity. Best fragrance in years, and way better than regular Nautica, which I do not care for.

Smells like a synthetic blend of salt, fake sugar, and dried apple but super overpowering.
Would not buy!
Scent 4/10
Longativity 10/10
Power 9/10

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33 Cacharel pour Homme
34 L'Homme Libre by Yves Saint Laurent

Bergamot, pepper and patchouli. Very masculine and outdoorsy, good for all occasions.

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35 Burberry Brit

Very nice but there shouldn't be such a strong smell of pepper.

Very Sophisticated fragrance and pretty long lasting

36 Creed Green Irish Tweed

Creed is one of the oldest perfume houses in the world, having started in 1760. They use the best ingredients and create the most unique fragrances. Unfortunately, many of their fragrances are in turn ripped off by second or third rate wannabee's like Sean John, who notoriously ripped off Creed's Millesime Imperial. Davidoff's Cool Water is a complete rip off of Green Irish Tweed, which is much classier.

I've received many compliments when wearing this fragrance, which is quite unusual because honestly, who takes the time to compliment anyone these days?
The scent lasts all day and even I catch a whiff of it from time to time. A real winner.

This is a unisex perfume that changes its smell as it mellows out women LOVE this perfume... yes perfume... not all perfumes are for women

This would be number 1 but nobody can afford it and most don't even know it exists.

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37 Armani Code Black

I just love this cologne each time my husband wears it I just want to be close to him it's sweet

Light without overpowering suitable for work. Settles down to a nice close powder smell after a few hours 1 to 3 sprays for 8 hours. Signature worthy and classy.

This cologne is the best by giorgio armani

My favorite. I love it when my husband wears it.

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38 Lacoste White

Love it should be ranked higher just bought the big bottle today

One among the best perfume: Lacoste White from the famous fashion business Lacoste.

39 D & G Light Blue By Dolce & Gabbana

Amazing smell! Very soft, yet alluring.. The sent is intoxicating. There's nothing I love more than a man who smells of light blue.

Smells Amazing, this calogne is an old one but still very popular like the aqua de gio!

Always smelling fresh,such as rainy wheather

40 Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent

Unique and a knicker dropper!

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