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61 Happy for Men by Clinique

I was a little nervous at first that it would be too feminine, especially being made by Clinique. But it smells so, so good, and I get plenty of compliments on it. Very reasonable priced, and you feel so fresh every time you put it on. I recommend it.

It one of those colognes I have had and have gotten lots of compliments on. Forgot all about this cologne, going to buy a bottle now.

Great clean scent, perfect for the spring and summer. Get compliments almost every time I wear it.

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62 Mont Blanc Starwalker

My absolute favorite. I work for a fragrance company and this is my go to. My husband is on his 2nd bottle.

63 Kenneth Cole Reaction

My neighbor had this cologne and I'm a older women than him he is just a friend in fact his newly married but he's wears this and I swear I used go next door and visit him just go to the bathroom and put on this cologne I'm with new man for his fathers I'm getting it it TURNS ME ON SO BAD. NO COLOGNE EVER DID THIS TO ME

Kenneth Cole's greatest smelling cologne starts out with a distinct fruity melon smell and matures into a nice fresh scent that lasts all day long

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64 CK One Shock for Him

It is sweet but masculine, very nice thanks to the tobacco. It has a great longevity and projects well.

This is the scent that all the girls like
Since it's not strong and either soft
Girls like it because it give them fresh air

My first ever name brand cologne back in the 90, s and I still love it crazy ; and so do others. This is even up to this day as my #1 cologne of all times...

Its very modern sweet sexy and edgy at the same time.. I love it..

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65 Creed Aventus

Expensive... But some of the best things in life are. Blows any fragrance in the top ten list away! Gets the most compliments hands down.

The best ever. Not only a tremendous smell, but unique.

Masculinity in a bottle!

I've worn many colognes, but this one has had women comment over and over again. A random stranger told me that I smelled "terrific". As much as it costs, I can't wear anything else again. The very best.

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66 Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme

A great night club/dinner date cologne... not to be used every day...

Great cologne! Definite panty dropper!

67 Hugo Just Different
68 Polo Red - Ralph Lauren

My super hot friend wears this and it turns me on every time

Best ralph lauren scent thus far and that's saying a lot.

Easily the best of the Polo Flankers. energetic, fresh, great gym scent or out running errands scent. lasts and lasts. gorgeous fruit notes. in my person top 10.

69 Rochas

This helped me get my girl by far one of the best my opinion

Cotton candy in a bottle. lasts forever. combined with Lolita Lempicka Au Mascuilin and you've got one hell of a panty dropper

70 Jake - Hollister

I love this scent I always get complements and I buy it again and again. I am happy with how long the scents lasts, it doesn't seem to wear off for a long time.

The ladies love this scent; always a great, long lasting scent with lots of compliments. Couldn't keep her off me--many great nights.

Horrifyingly bad. not much else needs to be said.

Wish they wouldn't have discontinued this one.
Best Hollister scent and works for all ages 20 - 55

71 The One Sport - Dolce & Gabbana
72 Dreamer - Versace

This is a pantie dropper. It works like magic and women love it. This is a go to cologne for any man.

Classy cologne. Always get complements, and the ladies love it.

Highly underrated perfume in my humble opinion

The best cologne ever hands down!

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73 Egoiste Platinum by Chanel

Great all rounder, I never get sick of it. Must be in the top 10.

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74 Paco Rabanne One Million

Panty dropper every time. Guaranteed.

75 Allure Sport by Chanel

This cologne is one of the best. Every time I wear this all the girls smile at me and ask me what cologne am I wearing. Give it a try you wont be disappointed.

Good longevity expensive there are others better ones with lesser price quality is good though.

Damn! It's the best summer fragrance. Chanel allure edition blanche. Trust me, sometimes people I don't know at my work place, stops and ask me what I'm wearing because it smells good!

Best perfume ever

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76 Kouros

Bought it last year and love it. Need more like it.

The beast of all powerhouse frags. My number one favorite!

Very Powerful 1 bottle last me 5 years

Love it! My number one

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77 Victoria's Secret Very Sexy for Him 2

Can't buy this unless it's online.. I love this cologne and I wish they had a bigger bottle... I don't know why... You just gotta try it... Both of them..

78 Terre D'hermes

The Best smell for the older man

This is the best colognes ever and lasts an age

I disagree being good just for older guys! My Son uses it and absolutely loves it. He's a young Dr and can't tell u how many times he gets complimented on how good he smells! It's a very sophisticated warm can't get enough of it smell! Was a favourite of David Beckham and he's got impeccable taste. My opinion you can't get better than this.

Dry earthy signature

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79 Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

Still a classic and a real man's smell. Top stuff

I love this scent... I don't care how old it is.. If an man is wearing this, it drives me crazy!

Great cologne it gives me lots of energy. It smells soapy but in a fresh Irish spring kind of way

�� old one but still amazing!

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80 CK Be by Calvin Klein

Discontinued? They better not had. The body lotion has been though, which is a shame.
CK must bring it back. I don't usually ask strangers what they are wearing but felt a duty to.

I think this one isn't mentioned as people want to keep a secret what they use so it don't get too ubiquitious and want other people smelling like them.
I have smelt it on other people several times, but always to shy to ask. But it was driving me mad trying to discover what the scent was called, and finally asked. I have followed men around wanting to smell them.

I hope they don't discontinue this fresh smelling scent. It is quite unique as it doesn't smell like the others.
But seems to be further down the pecking order as far as calvin klein scents go, but shouldn't be.

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