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81 Clive Christian No. 1

A mere $2,350 buys you a 30ml handmade lead-crystal bottle of No. 1 Pure Perfume, complete with a single natural white brilliant cut diamond in its gold collar.... What's so special about it? Its scent changes every year. This is due to the inclusion of only the rarest (and finest) ingredients, and consequently their inaccessibility over time. This certain cologne is number 10 because of its price...

82 Prada Amber Pour Homme
83 Lucky Brand Lucky You

A classic smell. If you're looking for a fresh scent look no further. A cheap cologne can go a long way and believe it or not... Lucky mixes very well with other colognes espescially Unforgivable

Delicious! This scent turns my head and opens my nose every time I smell it on a man walking past me! Makes me want to trail behind him to stay downwind of it

This stuff has a sweet fragrance yet its not crazy all up in your face region

84 Joop! Jump

Definitely one of the best unrecognized colognes for men. Smells great and lasts a whole day. I can even still smell it on my clothes after a week. 10/10

Most underrated perfume to exist. Buy it and test it out for yourselves. It is incredible. The green one in particular.

You smell for a week because it smells like a fresh hot Karl, dirty Sanchez beat your ass at felching scat-fest.

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85 Diesel Only the Brave

Fantastic bottle. Amazing fragrance. For men who don't always want to play safe!

86 Gucci by Gucci

Have had it for four bottles long, and it keeps on giving, laugh out loud. Going to try the sport version soon.

So many compliments, then I ran out!... Was told it was discontinued... &@$X

87 Millesime Imperial by Creed

Should be higher on the list, just on smell and quality alone, top five at least.

Own about 20% of the colognes on this list. Anyone who isn't clueless or broke would have this in their top 5.

Good. no doubt. but go for Ed Hardy Love and Luck which smells very similar at 1/30th the price.

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88 Swiss Army - Swiss Army

Es un perfume clásico he informal ala vez.

89 Bvlgari BVL

Women + gay men, you will need to beat them off

90 Mont Blanc Legend

Absolutely wonderful. Earned me countless compliments from women.

Awesome fragrance! The girls will love it

Absolutely disgusting. smells like lemon pine sol. seriously. who in their right mind likes this garbage?

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91 Usher UR

A nice night club/dinner scent to be worn on special occasions...

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92 Break Line - Hollister Co.
93 Givenchy Play

Trust Me This Cologne Made A Lot Of Girls Get Wet Cause They Smelled It!

Clean, yet subtle smell. Great to wear to the office and ladies love it.

I bought this thinking it was a MP3 player for my grandson. 0/10. It woulda been nice if I found out it smelt good but this just smells like 20 dirty jockstraps in a row with rotten tapatio on top

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94 Gucci Guilty Intense
95 Old Spice

Old Spice Wolfs Thorn is SO AMAZING! I was a Creed man for YEARS, paying $400 for about til of cologne that smelled unbelievable, but went away within a couple of hours... Then (as a goof.. ) I was convinced by a friend to try "Old Spice Wolfs Thorn"... At first I was like,"Great.. Now I'm gonna smell like my grampa." But to my SUPRISE AND UTTER AWE, Wolfs Thorn smells BEGUILING, SEXY, CLEAN, and BEAUTIFUL! I've literally NEVER HAD SO MANY COMPLIMENTS AND INQUIRIES ON HOW IT SMELLS! (MY HAND TO GOD) this is BY FAR AND AWAY... The best cologne or mens fragrance I've EVER WORN. That's a fact. I get compliments all day long... Even 6,7,8 hours after one spray on my cheeks, neck, and shirt. I'm tellin you fellas, this stuff... Is the truth. You might dismiss my fervor as,"Well... This guy has no taste."... If you say that you'd be a FOOL... I'm the fool though... For paying $400 smackaroos for any Creed cologne... When I could have and should have been buying a MUCH BETTER, even SUPERIOR ...more

Smells like starburst. That's about it. Not a bad smell, but smells cheap

96 Bvlgari Man
97 Calvin - Calvin Klein

You could never go wrong with this classic! A cologne that could be worn at anytime, going to anyplace, for just about any occasion, work or play, this cologne will last! -use it before you leave in the morning, work until dark, never go home and stay out partying all night, and finally arrive back home around noon the following day, -even with the cigarette smoke filled clothes you are wearing, -still, the overpowering scent of this great smelling cologne would come through, -probably the reason that it was discontinued, it was just too good!

They need to bring this one back. I'll buy this one at whatever price it is. This sent says it all. Buy A.25 oz on eBay or at a fragrance store and see or smell for yourself. Please Calvin reissue the cologne again. Some of us appreciate quality when we smell it.

98 Free - Calvin Klein
99 Acqua di Selva - Visconti di Modrone

Use to be made by victor. Smell was great formula has been changed but similar still different and good

A classic! Just wished it lasted longer

100 Kenneth Cole Black

Masculine, I find the girls and the boys love it! How can you go wrong? 10/10

This cologne is the best ever it smell unbelieveable one of the best man colonge ever make

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