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121 Safari Ralph Lauren V 1 Comment
122 Homme by David Beckham

This is a newer cologne, but I have already gotten a lot of good feedback. Women from all ages love it.

Most good colognes yell I'm a beast this cologne screams get job loser I'm in charge.

This is a very good smelling cologne I do admit I have to spray a little bit more than others for the sent to stay but I don't mind at all because the smell is amazingI love the cologne and will be again

123 Royal Copenhagen

Clean, fresh smell that is not overwhelming. I would always leave the scent behind on my pillows.

Should be called stud, not every man can wear it!

124 Paul Sebastian

This is straight old school. I use to wear this back in the 90's. I would put this stuff on and smell it for awhile and the smell would go away but other people could smell it. This is some good smelling cologne.

Paul sebastian needs no comment it just brings the women to you.

It used to be great.. It was bought by elizabeth arden of Canada and it is not the same as before.. This product is now nothing but garbage

125 Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

A great scent for any occasion! Constantly changing smell as the day goes on... And lasts a long time. A modern classic and not too common making it unique. Well worth a go!

Just purchased it. I like Dior Vetiver better but, this is nice.

V 1 Comment
126 Davidoff - Zino
127 Mambo by Liz Claiborne
128 Black Seduction by Antonio Banderas
129 Kenneth Cole Mankind V 2 Comments
130 Habit Rouge de Guerlain

Guerlain is a great fashion and perfume house, Habit Rouge is an heritage of it.

131 Potion - DSquared2
132 Nostrum Man by Fragluxe

A very unknown product, very cheap ($40 for 3.4 FL OZ). Gifted to me by a friend. Couldn't find again. You wear it and girls will kill each other to be in your arms.

133 Zino Davidoff Hot Water

Clean man smell last a few hours and cheap without smelling cheap

134 Swiss Army Classic
135 Burberry Sport

Understated woody and citrus. A classic. The ladies love it.

136 Salvatore Ferragamo Cologne - Salvatore Ferragamo V 1 Comment
137 Preferred Stock by Coty
138 Gendarme

I have been using this cologe for a decade ((17)) words can't describe how perfect of a fragerence. Very rich clean smell. I still have never found a cologne I like better than Gendarme

V 1 Comment
139 Van Cleef Cologne

Best of the best, make women to smell close to close and I got scared of the kind of closing around my neck.

140 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera

My favorite perfume. It lasts long and projects really good.

V 1 Comment
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