Colors that Could Represent Nostalgia

The Top Ten Colors that Could Represent Nostalgia

1 Blue

This should be the most nostalgic colour...i didn't expected of this gettin' low in the list! - BloDayBey

Blue is the best color, that it means of sad past memories.

Blue is the most logical colour, if just we talking about sadness and also calm! it is nothing from the other world...
but it simply looks beautiful and lovely!

I don't know, Red don't convenced me so much, I go with Blue. It is more trustable!

2 Red


3 Blue Gray

This colour is so depressive, considering that two colours that should it represents melancholy!

Better than green in this contest.

Ahh, this colour wouln't be so sad if only werent composed by gray parts on it. I just wonder why even Blue is considered a sad colour if it seems too striking?

4 Green

Green is nature,Born Again,Fresh Magic and between others! it could be the No. #1 on the TOP

5 Purple

I think Purple should be 1st it is more nostalgic than Red


6 Silver

This too guys!

This is a boring colour! maybe it is the most optional choice for be 1st - RW700

7 Yellow
8 White
9 Turquoise
10 Orange

Orange is the only colour that speaks for good emotions.

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