Best Colors on a Curtain

Carpets are great! They help you block the light in a room whenever it's extrermly bright outside, or just blocking lifght when you want to take a rest in the dark in your room, they are so great, but what colour looks the best on them?

PS. please don't take this list too seriously, it's not for attention (or wait it is), but I really felt like I wanted to do this list.

The Top Ten

1 Lilac Lilac

Ah, I love this colour when on a carpet, so beautiful - darthvadern

It just fits perfectly. - Rocko

2 Red Red

Such a majestic colour. - darthvadern

3 Blue Blue

Well, it's the best colour in my opinion so why not? - darthvadern

4 Violet

The better variant of purple - darthvadern

5 Green Green

Green is nature! Green is life! - darthvadern

6 Brown

It's the colour of the curtain in my room at home (well technically mine's a mix between brown and dark green). - darthvadern

7 Orange

It looks pretty cool - darthvadern

8 Yellow

Amazing colour

Suprisingly charming curtain colour - darthvadern

9 Cyan

Happy colour! - darthvadern

10 White

Although generic, it's a calm curtain colour - darthvadern

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