Top Ten Colors That Don't Go Together


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21 Maroon and Yellow
22 Red and Blue

Red and blue reminds me of SUPERMAN! - lovingicecreams

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23 Brown and Yellow

I like yellow and brown together.

They already said this DUH! - mayamanga

Love these 2

24 Maroon and Pink

Just does not look pleasing to the eyes

25 Purple and Blue

What these two go great together! - Catacorn

This go great together I have it in my bed room

These two colors go well together. " Like Cupcakes And Icing."

Good together

26 Green and Gold

I think green and gold are perfect together

Those are my school colors GREEN AND GOLD FOREVER


27 Pink and Red

Not that bad Valentine's colors

Worst color combination

Just... no

28 Red and Orange

Red and Orange together ROCKS! It's my favorite combination

My wedding colors

Fabulous for clothing!

They totally clash.

29 Orange and Purple

I'm actually going to a wedding in October and the colors are orange and plum! Never would of guessed those colors together! But it's very pretty.

I think plum and orange can work together, because plum is a more reddish colour. But normal orange and purple together have I never liked. - BlackberryTurtle

I think orange and purple do go together.

They so do not go together!

Gross - mayamanga

30 Purple and Green

The joker is purple and green

They go well together acording to the colour wheel

31 Brown and Pink

I think brown and pink matches perfectly. (Hard to say about dark brown or gray-brown)

Good combo actually. - Powerfulgirl10

I know it was on list.
This is cringe combination!

32 Black and White

Black and white go great together, especially if you add in another hot color like red as an accent

Totally agree

It does matche

Black and white together look boring and dull. ⬜⬛ - cosmo

33 Red and Yellow

Even though theses two colors are beautiful and are in the fire combination I just think they don't go with each other unless their is some thing between them then again this is just my opinion

The first thing that pops into my mind when I think of this is Mcdonalds (For obvious reasons) - mayamanga

Someone I know has red hair and they never wear yellow clothes

I don't like red and yellow together!

34 Blue and Brown

If you want that dated look from 10 years ago, feel free to collide brown and blue. Horrific combination.

Love dark and light blue with brown

I think a certain blue goes good together with brown

Looks like the colors in a 70s leisure suit. Avoid unless you like the Ed Grimley look.

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35 Yellow and White

I have seen frech colonies and they look grt

36 Navy and Gray

Navy and grey look amazing together, especially on horses.

Never ever liked those together

37 Red and Gold V 1 Comment
38 Brown and Red

I do not tink brown and red look pretty together but I think red and aqua green looks pretty

They look good toghter


39 Purple and Tan

Purple is amazing, and tan pretty much goes with anything so I am going to say yes, they go pretty good together.

40 Maroon and Blue


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