Best Colors for Your Bedroom

The Top Ten

1 Red
2 Purple

I have a purple room and I am so happy it's popular because I thought it wasn't

I have a lavender purple shade as my bedroom colour, and it goes really well with the red carpet, in all levels of light. - PositronWildhawk

3 Blue

I have blue walls and a white ceiling!

I'm pretty sure having blue walls in your bedroom helps make you a more creative person - Ajkloth

4 Green

I once had a green room in one of my old houses, it was cool - trains45

Yeah I wanna get green walls in my room asap - MSA33

5 Bronze
6 Black
7 White
8 Turquoise
9 Azure
10 Navy

The Contenders

11 Mint

That's what I'm changing to, be it's more leaning towards the spring green - Spicygarlic

12 Sapphire
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