Top Ten Colors to Glaze a Piece of Pottery


The Top Ten

1 Blue

Splinterware (blue and white specks), Blue Midnight, Ice, Sky, Electric Blue are just a few examples a great blues. Blue is a interesting color because it looks really different fired, usually darker, sometimes they just look gray before they are fired. - Lucretia

Nice List - JPK

love blue

2 Black

I was painting like 4 pieces black one day! Even ones with angels in the bottom, I painted black. Black goes good with everything. - Lucretia

3 Green

One of my favorite is this green, I forgot the name off. Green is a cool color for pieces with flowers or something or lizards. - Lucretia

4 Gray

I like painting my pieces gray. A lot of pieces look gray before they are fired, but a shiny, thick gray is always beautiful. I only paint white clay pieces gray. - Lucretia

5 Purple

I love purple. I'd even dye my hair the colour. - TwilightKitsune

I don't like purple much, but they have very interesting purples, Grapel, lavender, and so much more. Purple usually gets darker. - Lucretia

6 White

White is a good colour because it goes with anything. - Swellow

Because you don't even need to paint them, just have them dipped in clear. White is cool for decorations and stuff or you could paint the whole piece white and add turgoise or something detail. - Lucretia

7 Tan
8 Yellow

My favorite yellow is Marigold, sort of rich and not bright, somewhat muted. It changes a lot. - Lucretia

9 Brown

Well id go with a brighter shadw of brown, I dyed my dreads that color.

10 Gold

The Contenders

11 Orange

I want to paint one of my pieces orange. I would assume it becomes darker. Orange would be interesting to use - Lucretia

12 Silver
13 Red
14 Pink

Nice color - toptenforlife

15 Puce
16 Aqua
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