Top Ten Colors that Go with Pink

I read the list "Top 10 Colors That Don't Go with pink" i decide to make the opposite

The Top Ten Colors that Go with Pink

1 Black

Black and Pink are my 2 favorite color they go together

2 White

I may not be a very girly girl, but I still enjoy the color pink. It's a very aesthetic color in my opinion. Pairing it with white makes a very pretty combination. Especially in an assortment of roses. Pink and white roses look so lovely together. As well as red with white. - Supernatural

3 Light Blue
4 Dark Purple
5 Mint Green

This is very pretty! - CutiePoops

6 Violet

Violet and Pink look very pretty together.

7 Gold

Hera from Disney's Hercules is pink and gold

8 Light Purple
9 Neon Blue
10 Red

The Contenders

11 Grey
12 Neon Yellow
13 Scarlet
14 Turquoise
15 Peach
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