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21 Red and White

I love red and white! It looks great together and I am thinking of having it as the colour for my room.

Awesome love red and white! Whats not to like about them!

They go great it's like Valentine's day all over again also if you mix them together it makes pink perfect Valentine colors


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22 Mint Green and Grey

This is beautiful! Mint green gives it the soothing and calm nature to turn grey over but the grey really gives it a nice, placid touch. This is definitely a favorite!

You may not believe it with mint green, but ya these colors together are in fact, awesome!

I love mint green and grey together, mint grey is a soothing and they grey pulls it all together/ this is my favorite by far.

I love theses to colors together!

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23 Red And Purple

Looks great together

I like these 2 colours together because they remind me of a sunset

These are the colors that nightmares are made of

Coolest color in my opinion. My clothe combination is always red and purple...with a tint of orange too. - AlphaQ

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24 Orange and Black

Reminds me of Halloween

Really! It is Halloween


Orange-ish dreads, black skin...m'kay. - AlphaQ

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25 Pink and Green

I've never done a mixture of pink and green before but I'm tried light green and pink and it looked nice but then I tried dark green and pink and it looks nice but I like the light green and pink better.

This is my room theme and it is so nice.

They look amazing together

It's THE COLOR PF MY ROOM oh and by the way I'm going to main event tommorow

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26 Purple and Gray

These two colors fit well with each other. They make a nice contrast, although they may look a bit "depressing". The lighter the gray is, the better this combination looks.

27 Black and Dark Red


28 Green and Gold

It looks a little weird

Beautiful combination.

29 Red and Silver

Red is my favorite and silver would go great with it.

30 Purple and Green

My favorite color combo by far!

They just blend

Yeah I know what you mean! They are really cool and toataly suit me!

31 Pink and Blue

These colours make a fun, bubbly sort of style for clothing and backgrounds. However, this contrast would be mainly or girls.

Lovely Colors. Especially pale pink & pale blue

These colours are great together as I have used them in a bracelet

My favorite color combo of all time!

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32 Pink And Purple

It is very good but I think violet goes better than purple

I love these colors together it's now my favorite.

I love the way purple and pink look together.

Wowww its amazing

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33 Gold and Dark Red

Very Royal colour combination, enhances an elegant big room, looks powerful and rich.

It is a good colour

These colors just look amazing together! They are like soulmates!


34 Blue and Gold

I think blue and gold have an elegant and fancy look plus its still a everyday regular outfit to wear to school...but only if you still go to school #fourth grade!

I love these two colors. I want these two colors for my sweet 16 party. Love these colors. The gold really goes perfectly with the blue. Oh yah so cute together. I love my blue and gold shoes. Blue with Gold laces so pretty and cute. Especially the gold sparkles with the blue so cute.

These colours are not very popular together but they'll blow you away if you put them together. My most absolute fave combination ever!


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35 Purple and Red
36 Blue and Yellow

I agree I wore a yellow top with a blue bottom and the outcome look was awesome I receive so many comments

I've never tried this mixture of colors but it looks nice but I added like that blue and it looks really nice.

That is my favorite combinations when I'm making cool picture name..

Go blue

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37 White and Beige

I think they look fab together for my personal opinion.

38 Black and Orange

I think that these two especially fit together, when the black is matt and the orange is quite glossy

I like black and orange it brings out certain areas that you can't see in persons eyes

Who cannot love colour of Halloween?

Reminds me of Halloween, in a good way!

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39 Purple and Grey

They are the best colours together

40 Silver and Bronze
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