Best Colors of Pens to Write With

From greatest to least, here are THE best colors you should use when drawing with pen!

The Top Ten

1 Blue

It's Neater Than Black! Black Is Kinda Sloppy! Blue Is So Neat!

I've never seen someone ever not have a blue pen in their desk. -

Blue rocks the page. Its best to have - srishti

I always use blue pens.Black is so simple.Blue is popular and awesome! Bring some colour to your writing!

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2 Black

Black pens stand out the most more then blue more than red more than purple more than green orange just sucks lime green is green sky blue is blue grey is just boring white you can't read and yellow just hurts your eyes

You need a black pen for any business/legal/banking stuff... Black means you made money, Red means your in the hole... Plus black is just a cooler color. - VADERtheIMPALER

I am a HUGE fan of writing with pens.
I always prefer black ink over blue ink - Celestius

I love black pens so I had to vote for it

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3 Purple

As long as it's a deep purple, you can use the pen for anything. Legible, definitely purple, and incredible for doodles!

I'm not saying this just because I like purple but it is a very nice pen colour and a very unique one too. This colour is kinda known for seduction,royalty and strong so great for confessing letters or dresses

Deep purple is the best colour for pens

4 Green

It is a pretty sweet color. -

It's just a unique pen color

5 Red

Good for things like correcting!

My favorite color I love red

6 Lime Green

I really love this colour but not for writing,It's so bright and will not be very visible on white text book..

7 Orange
8 Pink
9 Sky Blue
10 Brown

Ugly when you think about it, but It is very close to black and it is great on paper! -

It stood out, it is friendly looking, and it is dark and near to black

The Contenders

11 Grey
12 Yellow

Sometimes hard to read, but such a sweet little color! -

13 White

Perfect if you want to fool someone... not if you actually want to SEE anything! -

14 Periwinkle
15 Dark Blue
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