Top Ten Colors That Should Be On the Cover of a New Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book

Happy October have you heard a new diary of a wimpy kid book called move I think and the color is orange finally a orange cover

The Top Ten

1 Pink

It could be awesome if Amelia (a character created by Marissa Moss) crosses paths with Greg Heffley as a crossover. It is a good idea to make the cover a little more girly. - playstationfan66

Would be nice - WinchesterGirl26

2 Gold

Yes I love gold and it should be gold cover

Gold will be awesome!

3 Gray

The next book, Wrecking Ball, will have a gray cover - IceBearRules

I can't believe I haven't thought of this color yet, it would look good.

Almost no other book has gray on the front cover. It would be awesome if they had the cover gray

Gray would look good on a dowp book

4 Dark Red

Double Down, anyone? - IcetailofWishClan

They've done 2 shades of blue, (book 2 and book 6), 2 shades of green (book 3 and book 8), 2 shadows of orange (book 9 and book 7), the only ones that haven't done are shades red, yellow, and purple. Purple is book 5, which is "Recently" compared to book 1 and 2. Yellow is book 4. and Book 1 is red. Book 1 is a long time ago. So a shade of red would be my guess. But a color I'd like to see that isn't on this list: Cream color or ivory. That would be a shade of yellow. so we'd only need a shade of red and purple left. Purple would probably be either violet or lavender.

This would be nice seeing it on the 10th book. Dark red for both the 1st and 10th book. - Minecraftcrazy530

5 Chrome
6 Violet
7 Silver
8 Bronze
9 Aqua

They did that in Cabin Fever. - FasterThanSonic

Awesome colour in my life

10 Black

They already have black.

The Contenders

11 White
12 Brown

In the third wheel the cover is brown

Used in the third wheel

13 Indigo
14 Yellow

That was used in dog days

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