Top 10 Colors Used In Custom Logo Designs

The colors have, as you know, meanings. We see colors and these colors constantly evoke in us sensations, feelings in some cases. They have clear meanings. We will see all ten colors, or rather "color families", since there e.g. thousands of different yellow and chaconnes of these color families we will see their meaning in the collective unconscious. So beware: we discuss their meaning in the Western world, but if you must use colors in Japan, for example, know that their meanings are very different.

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The Top Ten

1 Black

Black is classy and I love it - it's even on my profile picture here. It's also the color of metal music and musicians, and even metal fans (heavy metal is my fave music genre). - Metal_Treasure

This is a perfectly created list - intelligent list description and item descriptions, all needed 10 items available, etc. Congrats! - Metal_Treasure

Like my logo - Matt92647

For many people and in many civilizations, black represents mourning, death and sadness. But this is not the case in Japan for example where black is a happy color, especially used during weddings. Today, the black is no longer only the connotation of sadness, it is widely used in luxury color because it evokes a certain nobility and elegance. E.g. Jewelry boxes are often black, large sedans too. If you sell high-end products or would like to highlight the aesthetic qualities of your offer, black is a color that you can use in your sales literature, on your website or on your professional custom logo but also on packages your products. - mistyjhones

2 White

This color should be on either on the top 3 or not?

White, as you know, is the color of choice to represent purity and innocence. It is for this reason that God is often depicted in white and the angels and the well representing characters are white. It is also for this reason that brides wear a white dress to show their purity, and possibly their virginity. But this color also represents the nobility and refinement. The clean design often uses the color white to associate refinement and purity. White enjoys a positive image in Dollarpe and in much of the world. If you wish to show understated elegance and a certain innocence in your products and your business, white can be a good color to use. - mistyjhones

3 Blue

Before knowing its success, the blue was not even considered a color in Dollarpe during antiquity. In Egypt, this color was a symbol of immortality and truth. Today, the blue is a common color, with loyalty symbols, peace and virtue. Many countries use blue in their flag for these reasons. It's the same for corporate logos as blue also means wisdom and trust. This is why trades like real estate, finance or accounting use this color to reassure their customers. A big advantage of the blue is that there are thousands of possible shades, making it a nice color to use. This color is sometimes used with its contrasts: the orange. - mistyjhones

4 Gray

If the base has a rather gray overtones of sadness and monotony, this color has become over time a symbol of sobriety. With new technology, the gray has even become a color representing modernism. Often associated with bright colors logos in particular, remains a gray color to use in moderation. If indeed it can have a positive connotation today, do not abuse this color that could give too dull image of a product or a company. If you want to emphasize the modernity and sobriety of your offer, gray seems to be a perfect color, you can accompany with a bright color so as not to give too dull image. - mistyjhones

5 Red

Red was the first color to be used in prehistoric times and remained for a long time the only color in the color wheel with the white and black (which are not really colors). The red represents the fire, passion, love, but also the strength and virility. Widely used from prehistoric times to 16th century when Protestants consider it immoral color, red is now reused in the world. Red is popular with companies looking to entice their customers such as social clubs that evokes love and passion by the red but also some luxury car brands, using red to evoke the sensuality and desire. - mistyjhones

6 Green

Often seen as the color of hope, green is not a string to its bow, it is a versatile color, evoking many things like nature, rest and return to basics. Today is the color of the fight against polution particular. But these positive aspects that we have come to our green much of Islam, because before the 19th century, the green had in Dollarpe (except Germany) a negative connotation. It was the color of instability and madness, clowns were dressed in green and monsters on the tables were often painted green. Nowadays, the green has a very positive image of respect for nature, quiet. This color is ideal for a holiday center or a village club facing seniors looking to get back in shape and rest for example. - mistyjhones

7 Yellow

Although being a radiant and warm color, the yellow did not unanimous. In the collective imagination, yellow evokes jealousy and greed. We often associate this color to treason by linking it to Judas in particular, but also deceived husbands. Yet many people see this as a negative color. However, the yellow becomes a widely used color in art and graphic design because of its many qualities.

This is a bright color that evokes science, intelligence and idealism. The yellow also has an advantage: it is a color that flashy, we see far and that we visualize more easily. If you need to make an impression with your custom logo design, yellow is a color that will put the highlight and you will come out of the lot. The contrast color is purple. - mistyjhones

Yellow is the best. - Bobasor

8 Gold

Gold and silver are two colors symbolizing long money, wealth and power. However in recent years, these two colors are each made slightly different paths. Money has become a quite modern color, often with blue or red (sometimes more vivid colors) to discuss new technologies. Money sometimes replaces the gray and the distinction is sometimes difficult to do. For its part, gold remained a color evoking the richness and is used mostly on products "luxury" such as perfumes, designer clothes or high-end high-tech. Gold is often used sparingly, accompanying black or purple for example. If you want to give a modern image to your products, you should choose the money, and for the chic and glamor, opt for gold. - mistyjhones

9 Orange

Located between yellow and red, the color orange is vibrant and lively. This is a friendly and visually effective color. Fairly used on country flags and logos, orange, however, is of considerable importance in the Netherlands where it is the national color and where it is used (on the shirts of sports teams, or in companies countries such as ING Direct, for example). The orange evokes the enthusiasm and good will, it is a color that is ideal for companies that need to have a close relationship with their customers like TheLogoNow.Com. It gives a nice image of the brand and is perfect for a business or a local service, for example, or for the professional custom logo design of a hotel or a guesthouse. - mistyjhones

10 Purple

Used on religious clothing in Rome with the red for a long time, purple is a color symbolizing knowledge, knowledge and faith. But it is also a color that was used in Rome to symbolize democracy. We all remember the SPQR flag of the Roman Empire.

It is a color often used to refer to the unit, as is the triangle shapes. Purple, like all colors, a negative connotation. Indeed it represents darkness and death as red. It is a widely used color by hard-rock bands, for example to refer to suffering. But it is also a noble color that can be used in accompaniment with black or a color that we will see now. - mistyjhones

Yeah, rock bands. Deep Purple - one of the best hard rock/metal bands of all time. - Metal_Treasure

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11 Cyan
12 Aquamarine
13 Turquoise
14 Teal
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