Best Colors for Santa's Suit Besides Red

So, what color do you think would fit Santa Claus's suit best? Of course, red color, which is the normal color of his suit, doesn't count. DO NOT ADD RED ON THIS LIST! Add other colors. Vote and remix as well.
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1 Blue

Yeah ditch the coca-cola ads put him on Pepsi. All the #Bringbackthewink with Santa not winking anymore.

He would look good in Blue. But if he wasn't red, then he couldn't be on the the coca cola bottle. I guess he'll have to be on the Pepsi bottle. - nintendofan126

I think the old chap would look just fine in royal blue. - PetSounds

If he couldn't be on the coca cola bottle, than he could just be on the Pepsi can.

2 White

Laugh out loud I could just see him almost disappear in the White snow with a white suit! - Curti2594

3 Yellow
4 Orange
5 Green

He was green. Father Christmas 17th Century performed for adult parties and plays. He wasn't even fat either that was when the American Santa Claus appeared. The Santa story you are told when you are little began. 17th Century it was just a thin man in green who where nicknamed Father Christmas.

He used to be green until he came addicted to cola cola and changed his colour to red, becoming a fan - Harri666

An awesome color for the old chap. - Kiteretsunu

Red and green are Christmas colors

6 Purple

Something very good and royal about this color.

Very nice list, UHX. I think purple is very fitting, but certainly not yellow. - PositronWildhawk

7 Silver
8 Gold

Gold is my favorite color - SOUTHPARKFANHH

Yes, he'd look like golden freddy - TwilightKitsune

9 Black

I feel like the contrast between black and the white-colored fluff, and also his gold belt buckle would make an awesome Santa suit.

Black, the colour of death. It would good with his slay. Yes, I meant slay instead of sleigh.

Wow Britgirl, cool thinking :) I agree. White would be good too, good camoflage

Santa's going to become a metalhead now?

10 Grey
The Contenders
11 Pink
12 Dark Purple
13 Bronze
14 Brown
15 Dark Blue
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