Top Ten Best Colors of Roses

since i love roses i made this list well after i read the list "Best Types of Flowers" and i saw rose is #1 so i made this list
The Top Ten
1 Red

Symbolizes beauty, love, & romance

Roses are red, violets are blue.
When I think rose I think red, and so do you.

Beautiful colour.

2 White

White ones always remembers me peace and calm

Symbolizes purity, innocence, and charm.

3 Black

Symbolizes bereavement, loss, and mortality.

I love black color rose

Black Rose Immortal

4 Dark Pink
5 Yellow
6 Light Blue
7 Blue
8 Light Pink

Light pink and white are beautiful.

9 Dark Purple
10 Pink
The Contenders
11 Hot Pink
12 Light Purple
13 Magenta
14 Orange and Pink
15 Peach
16 Mint Green
17 Purple
18 White Tinged with Orange
19 White and Green
20 Violet
21 Orange
22 Dark Red
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