Top Ten Hair Colors for Women

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1 Brown/brunette

My best girl friend Hannah has brown hair, and she's absolutely beautiful!

Brown is ordinary - everyone and their mother has brown hair.

My hair is a very dark brown colour that they call it black

Agree, veery beautiful and full of life.

2 Black

It's so SILKY and THICK... It makes you look so mysterious and gorgeous at the same time... Super Amazing.

It's the color of my entire wardrobe, my nails, most of my hair (thanks to hair dye), and yes, even my soul.

Black hair looks amazing! It is beautiful and super bold, bad ass and sexy on women

this is the most beautiful hair color for women

3 Red Hair

How doesn't like redheads? Love these girls!

4 Blond

Short blonde: better than long/mid length blonde.

How is blond 4 ? One of the sexiest thing ever !

I have blond hair!

5 Pink Hair

This is the color I dye my bangs and it looks great with the color black.

6 Rainbow Hair
7 Light Blonde
8 Blond and Blue Hair
9 Dark Blonde
10 Red
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11 Light Brown

This is my natural hair color, and the cool thing about is before I dyed my hair, the ends of my hair would sometimes turn blonde if I spent enough time in the sun. It's also not too light to dye it jet black or too dark to bleach it (although I do recommend using purple shampoo if you're trying to bleach light brown hair since it WILL turn yellow with 20 volume developer).

This is my hair color that's why I love it. Blonde dumb blonde blonde is too clice

12 Brown and Yellow Hair
13 Middle Blonde
14 Black and White Hair
15 Dark Brown
16 Pink
17 All Ombre Hair Colors
18 Yellow

That's the color my hair always turns after I bleach it (my hair is naturally light brown in case you were wondering), and it looks pretty weird. It looks more yellow than blonde until I use purple shampoo on it. Yellow is the color of disappointment.

19 Middle Brown
20 Blue

Mine's dark Blue.

21 Butterscotch blonde
22 Ginger

This is the same as red hair?

23 Strawberry Blonde
24 Ombre

I have ombre and like the way it goes :3

25 White
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