Top Ten Warmest Colors

The Top Ten
1 Red Orange

Well, at end it looks.

2 Orange

How many people can forget about the sunshine spot which sometimes it burns your skin, it's annoying. But beautiful

Definitely the Warmest colour of all time

This should get number 1

No question Orange is!

3 Red

How many people can forget the fact that Red is the colour of Blood, Arrogancy, Warmest things and of course, part of the Lava's system. Is warmest than Hell

Warmer than Orange and Red Orange no doubt!

What about Red? it's the most hot color of all time guys.

It reminds me of Red Hulk

4 Yellow

I think this, because is the sun's colour.

Yellow gotta' be!

5 Light Brown
6 Crimson
7 Gold
8 Red Violet
9 Beige
10 Dark Purple
The Contenders
11 Yellow Green
12 Blue

Movie fan lol.

13 Dark Red
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