Top Ten Colossi In Shadow of the Colossus

The Top Ten

1 Phalanx

He was one of the main reasons that I got the game. He is the biggest colossi that flys in the air and taking it down takes a lot of work.

Phalanx is the no. 1 colossi of the game and is the best, famous, biggest, greatest, longest and heaviest one in the gameπŸ˜‰β˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜

2 Avion

Avion has the most memorable battle and his fight has the best track; it holds the most climactic melody and fierce and immediate impact paralleled by Avion's sudden forceful attack! Personally, the Avion battle is the best and has the most compelling music which is why Avion is my favorite colossus. The other tracks have some ups and downs and somewhat dreary at times but this one is a climax battle theme from start to finish and has the most memorable tune! - PrinceZarbon

I love this guy.. my favorite colossus in the game

3 Kuromori
4 Gaius

A towering tinker-toy with a giant stone sword... Shame you had to kill this thing.

5 Cenobia
6 Argus
7 Malus

I just think the message that the Dormin tells you is very cryptic and mysterious. I mean, there could be some real story behind this one (and all the others). For example, why is it trapped up there in that city-thing, what is its past?

I still didn't beat him, but I'll say one thing. He is undeniably the better looking Colossus.

8 Basaran

This one's really cool. I always thought it looked kinda like a stegosaurus.

9 Phaedra
10 Barba

The Contenders

11 Dirge

My personal favorite. Really, all three of the colossi that require Agro to defeat are my favorites.

Only this one requires agro what other two are you referring to - Retroman64

12 Valus
13 Quadratus
14 Hydrus
15 Pelagia
16 Celosia
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