Top Ten Colossi In Shadow of the Colossus

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1 Phalanx

He was one of the main reasons that I got the game. He is the biggest colossi that flys in the air and taking it down takes a lot of work.

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2 Avion

I love this guy.. my favorite colossus in the game

3 Malus

I just think the message that the Dormin tells you is very cryptic and mysterious. I mean, there could be some real story behind this one (and all the others). For example, why is it trapped up there in that city-thing, what is its past?

I still didn't beat him, but I'll say one thing. He is undeniably the better looking Colossus.

4 Gaius

A towering tinker-toy with a giant stone sword... Shame you had to kill this thing.

5 Kuromori
6 Cenobia
7 Argus
8 Basaran

This one's really cool. I always thought it looked kinda like a stegosaurus. - eventer51314

9 Pelagia
10 Valus

The Contenders

11 Phaedra
12 Quadratus
13 Dirge

My personal favorite. Really, all three of the colossi that require Agro to defeat are my favorites. - eventer51314

14 Barba
15 Hydrus
16 Celosia
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