Top Ten Colour Codes for Wolf Online

Hey I'm also a huge fan of wolf online and know a bunch of colour codes. I don't know the rainbow code apparently it's a hack and not a code. Note* This also works for life of black tiger and themepark rider.

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21 Hot Pink:FF00FF

I think jot pink is the best choice for girls;3

It's a very cool colour and girls like me will love it

It's cool

Yeah hot pink is for girls I like it or should u say love it :) :D

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22 LILA Black: FF00C4
23 Lilac Purple:727aca

Great color! My name is Polly if you see me, I will be sure to Make a friend

24 Cranberry Red:610B21

Oh is sorta works my name is flower jk


25 Night Blue: 000033

It's a very pretty color for names u should try it!

26 Ruby Brown: 33cc49
27 Blue: 0000ff

I love this color it's my favorite

28 Brown: 8a2b00


29 Dark Gray:555444

It looks so nice

30 Pink DB7093
31 Light Blue: AAFFFF

I added this code hope you guys like it

32 Light Purple: AAAAFF

I love this code so much I can't make a name with out it

33 Navy Blue: 000091
34 Dark Blue:223865
35 Light Pink: 002300
36 Purple: FFAAFF
37 Violet: 660066

I love it! Violet is my absolute favorite my name is Amber on wolf online

I think violet is a comman color on wolf online but that's my opinion :/

38 Turquoise:55FF55

Kind of turquoise and kind of mint bit I rlly line it sometimes I use it my name is blood with red colour code

39 Very dark blue: 000033

It's a very good color code I tried it even

40 Blue Green: 006666
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