Top 10 Combinations of Britney Spears and Metallica Song Titles


The Top Ten

1 I Wanna Go Metal (I Wanna Go + Metal Militia)
2 Ride The Womanizer (Ride The Lightning + Womanizer)
3 Wherever I May Get Naked (Wherever I May Roam + Get Naked)
4 ...Baby Hit the Lights (...Baby One More Time + Hit the Lights)
5 Gimme More Fuel (Gimme More + Fuel)
6 The Circus That Failed (The God That Failed + Circus)
7 Welcome Home, Work Bitch (Welcome Home + Work Bitch)

LOL - BoredJeff02

8 ... Baby Hit the Lights One More Time (... Baby One More Time + Hit the Lights)

Improved version (I hope) of a combination I already submitted. - Metal_Treasure

9 You Drive Me Crazy, St. Anger (You Drive Me Crazy + St. Anger)
10 I'm a Nightmare 4 U (I'm a Slave 4 U + All Nightmare Long)

The Contenders

11 Breathe On Me, Horsemen (Breathe On Me + The Four Horsemen)
12 Oops!...I Seek & Destroy (Oops!...I Did It Again + Seek & Destroy)
13 Spit Out the Perfume (Spit Out the Bone + Perfume)
14 If U Seek Orion (If U Seek Amy + Orion)
15 Toxic Master Of Puppets (Toxic + Master Of Puppets)
16 Touch of My Creeping Death (Touch of My Hand + Creeping Death)
17 Born To Make You Fade To Black (Born To Make You Happy + Fade To Black)
18 To Live Overprotected Is to Die (To Live Is to Die + Overprotected)
19 Spit Out Piece of Me (Spit Out the Bone + Piece of Me)
20 ... Baby Jump in the Fire One More Time (... Baby One More Time + Jump in the Fire)
21 ... Baby I Disappear (... Baby One More Time + I Disappear)
22 Born to Make You Disappear (Born to Make You Happy + I Disappear)
23 Oops!...I Disappear (Oops!...I Did It Again + I Disappear)
24 Toxic Leaf Clover (Toxic + Leaf Clover)
25 Toxic Cyanide (Toxic + Cyanide)
26 My Toxic Friend (Toxic + My Friend of Misery)
27 Gimme More Anesthesia (Gimme More + Anesthesia)
28 Motorbreath on Me (Breathe on Me + Motorbreath)
29 I'm a Better Slave Than You (I'm a Slave 4 U + Better Than You)
30 ... Baby, Am I Savage? (... Baby One More Time + Am I Savage?)
31 Touch of My Thorn Within (Touch of My Hand + Thorn Within)
32 If U Seek Babylon (If U Seek Amy + Rebel of Babylon)
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