Top 10 Combinations of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest Song Titles

The Top Ten Combinations of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest Song Titles

1 Fear Of The Ripper (Fear Of The Dark + The Ripper)

Ha! That's funny. It sounds like people are afraid of Tim Owens. Lol - Gg2000

2 Hallowed By Thy Painkiller (Hallowed By Thy Name + Painkiller)
3 Victim of The Trooper (Victim of Changes + The Trooper)
4 Can I Play With Judas (Can I Play With Madness + Judas Rising)
5 Heavy Metal Be Thy Name (Heavy Metal + Hallowed Be Thy Name)

Well that describes me - christangrant

6 Dying to Meet the Great Unknown (The Great Unknown + Dying to Meet You)
7 Seventh Son of a Turbo Lover ( Seventh Son of a Seventh Son + Turbo Lover)
8 Wasted Painkiller (Wasted Years + Painkiller)
9 The Number of Nostradamus (The Number Of The Beast + Nostradamus)

The phone number, maybe. - Metal_Treasure

10 Run to the Electric Eye (Run To The Hills + Electric Eye)

The Contenders

11 Hell Bent for Madness (Hell Bent for Leather + Can I Play with Madness)
12 Bring Your Daughter... to the Ripper (Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter + the Ripper)
13 Living After Alexander the Great (Living After Midnight + Alexander the Great)
14 Heading Out... to the Slaughter (Heading Out to the Highway + Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter)
15 Judas Maiden (Judas Rising + Iron Maiden)
16 Seventh Son of a Metal God (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son + Metal Gods)
17 22 Sinner Avenue (22 Acacia Avenue + Sinner)
18 Heading Out to Paschendale (Heading Out to the Highway + Paschendale)
19 The Book of Judas (The Book of Souls + Judas Rising)
20 Caught Somewhere in Halls of Valhalla (Caught Somewhere in Time + Halls of Valhalla)
21 Wasting the Law (Wasting Love + Breaking the Law)
22 A Touch Of Phantom Of The Opera (A Touch Of Evil + Phantom Of The Opera)
23 Fight for the Trooper (Fight for Your Life + the Trooper)
24 Fear of the Jugulator (Fear of the Dark + Jugulator)
25 Empire of the Sentinel (Empire of the Clouds + the Sentinel)
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