Top 10 Combinations of Katy Perry and Cannibal Corpse Song Titles


The Top Ten

1 I Kissed a Hammer Smashed Face

I Kissed a Girl + Hammer Smashed Face - christangrant

2 If We Ever Meet Again, I Will Kill You

If We Ever Meet Again + I Will Kill You - christangrant

3 Waking Up, Buried in the Backyard in Vegas

Waking Up in Vegas + Buried in the Backyard - christangrant

4 Bon Appetit, Make Them Suffer

Bon Appetit + Make them Suffer - christangrant

5 Staring Through The Eyes Of The Peacock

Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead + Peacock - christangrant

6 She Was Asking For Fireworks

She Was Asking For It + Firework - christangrant

LOL - Metal_Treasure

7 Simple, As Deep As the Knife Will Go

Simple + As Deep As the Knife Will Go - christangrant

8 The One that Got Gutted

The One that Got Away + Gutted - christangrant

9 Force Fed Hot 'N' Cold Broken Glass

Hot 'N' Cold + Forced Fed Broken Glass - christangrant

10 Last Friday Night, Stripped, Raped and Strangled

Last Friday Night + Stripped, Raped and Strangled - christangrant

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