Top 10 Combinations of Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden Song Titles


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21 For the Greater Good of Kashmir

For the Greater Good of God + Kashmir - christangrant

22 When the Ocean Winds Blow

When the Wild Wind Blows + The Ocean - christangrant

23 Houses of the Children of the Damned

Houses of the Holy + Children of the Damned - christangrant

24 No Prayer for the Houses of the Holy

No Prayer for the Dying + Houses of the Holy - christangrant

25 Whole Lotta Iron Maiden

Whole Lotta Love + Iron Maiden - christangrant

26 The Angel and the Heartbreaker

The Angel and the Gambler + Heartbreaker - christangrant

27 Can I Play with Love

Can I Play With Madness + Whole Lotta Love - Metal_Treasure

28 The Educated Hot Dog

The Educated Fool + Hot Dog - christangrant

29 The Empire of the Maids

The Empire of the Clouds + Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman) - Metal_Treasure

30 Since I've Been Loving Your Daughter

Since I've Been Loving You + Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter - Metal_Treasure

31 Fear of the Stairway

Fear of the Dark + Stairway to Heaven - Metal_Treasure

32 Stairway to a Strange Land

Stairway to Heaven + Stranger in a Strange Land - Metal_Treasure

33 The Longest Hot Dog

The Longest Day + Hot Dog - Metal_Treasure

34 The Longest Stairway

The Longest Day + Stairway to Heaven - Metal_Treasure

35 Run to Kashmir
36 Whole Lotta Troopers
37 Empire of the Stairway to Heaven of the Clouds

Empire Of The Clouds + Stairway To Heaven - CostcoHotDogs

38 No Prayer for the Fool

No Prayer for the Dying + Fool in the Rain - Metal_Treasure

39 Seventh Son of a Hot Dog

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son + Hot Dog - CostcoHotDogs

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