Top 10 Combinations of Sum 41 and Metallica Song Titles

I'd figure I'd make this for fun. If you can come up with any better ones then add them.

The Top Ten Combinations of Sum 41 and Metallica Song Titles

1 Some Kind of Murder (Some Kind of Monster + Screaming Bloody Murder)

The best combination that I could up with at most.

2 Devil's Brains (Devil's Dance + No Brains)

Explains itself really.

3 Poor Twisted Jessica (Poor Twisted Me + Jessica Kill)

She is a very twisted girl.

4 March of the Battery (Battery+ March of the Dogs)

This time the battery's more aggressive then ever.

5 Welcome Home I'm Dead Again (Welcome Home Sanitarium + Goddamn I'm Dead Again)

It's kind of funny in my opinion.

6 Master of Crows (Master of Puppets + A Murder of Crows)

No explantion really needed.

7 Ride in Pain (Reign in Pain + Ride the Lighting)

Sounds very painful...

8 Welcome to Hell Bitch (Welcome to Hell + Ain't My Bitch)

Sounds pretty ironic.

9 There's No Remorse (There's No Solution + No Remorse)
10 Pain for Wolf and Man (Pain for Pleasure + Of Wolf and Man)

Works well.

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