Best Comedy Characters In Movies

This is my first ever top ten list I like comedy films because they are funny they make people laugh exectra but enjoy this top ten

The Top Ten

1 Rowan Atkinson - Mr Bean

I like him since I was a child and I always find him funny, he is never boring to me.

THE definition of comedy.

I like the cartoon verison better than the real verison.

This man is nice but weird even in his T.V. show even in johnny English which was fun but mr bean is more fun than jhonny English

2 Seth Rogen - Pineapple Express Seth Rogen - Pineapple Express Seth Aaron Rogen is a Canadian actor, filmmaker and comedian. He began his career performing stand-up comedy during his teenage years, winning the Vancouver Amateur Comedy Contest in 1998. While still living in his native Vancouver, he landed a supporting role in the series Freaks and Geeks. He has more.

Dale Denton's desperation is a daring doozy and that's what's seriously aide splitting.

This man wa s funny in this and this is the end this was a tossup between jack black and Jonah hill but seth rogen is the fuuniest of those 3

3 Mike Myers - Austin Powers

He is so cheeky even in Saturday night live and in shrek and all of his other movies as well but this one is mikes best movie

4 Will Ferrel - Anchorman

I think this wills best movie of all time he has 2 movies of this franchise with steve carrel who is amazing

5 Sacha Baron Cohen - The Dictator

He is got such a long beard in this movie but he was abousoutley fabulous in this movie I have got nothing else to say

6 Tom Hanks - Big

He is so enormous in that film that tom hanks could nearly reach the sky but like his other movies like captain Phillips he could never big is so funny

7 Cameron Diaz - Bad Teacher

I don't know if in bad teacher does she have a crush on Justin timberlake or Jason segel but Cameron in bad teacher she was great

8 Adam Sandler - Grown Ups

I already know that adam has a new movie called blended but in grown ups and grown ups 2 he is so funny a lot of people have been saying that he is like the funniest person ever

9 Jim Carrey - The Mask


He is hilarious this guy like in his other movies like dumb and dumber and bruce almighty but this is my faviorte JIM carrey movie off all time for me it is

10 Ben Stiller - Dodgeball

The Contenders

11 Ben Stiller - Night at the Museum

I think that this guy is really good in this movie because he does all the lines really well I think that there should be another night at the muesuem movie.

12 Rowan Atkinson - Johnny English
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