Greatest Comedy Movies of All Time

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321 A Christmas Story
322 Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland
323 Stan Helsing
324 The Emoji Movie
325 Some Like It Hot

The greatest comedy of all time, according to the American Film Institute, and just plain hilarious even if it is an older comedy, and Marilyn Monroe is as hot as ever. Just wow. - Wonderwall

This movie is extremely funny, and has a good plot. It deserves to be higher up on the list

How is this only #66? Probably the second best comedy movie of all time, after Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

One of the best classic comedy films

326 Coming to America

One of the greatest classics of all time. Great all around cast.

327 Rat Race

This movie is the funniest movie ever, it will make you wet your pants from laughing!

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328 The Producers (1968)
329 Mafia!
330 Heartbreakers

Very underrated. I love this film. So entertaining

331 Mean Girls

Tina Fey's biting satire is more than just a girls' movie.

Why is this movie so low, its funny and quotable as hell

So bad that it's hilarious

I love this movie

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332 Legally Blonde

"What like it's hard? " So funny quote - Gangem

333 Death Bed
334 The Pink Panther

Marvellous humour. You just got to love it, and French accent is perfect and how they picture the French people are just hilarious. See this movie and then vote

335 Pretty in Pink
336 Sixteen Candles
337 Get Him to the Greek
338 Funny People V 1 Comment
339 I Love You, Man
340 MacGruber

Crack up movie, grubz shows how you can get out of a bad situation with just a piece of cellery ha

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