Greatest Comedy Movies of All Time

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401 The Hangover Part III
402 Night at the Museum
403 The Ringer

You just can't help but laugh watching this movie!

404 Jewel Robbery (1933)
405 Manitou's Shoe
406 Kingsman: The Secret Service
407 Crazy Boys In Spain V 1 Comment
408 Female Trouble
409 Love Exposure
410 Pink Flamingos
411 Ebola Syndrome
412 Ichi the Killer
413 Birdman (Or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
414 A Night at the Opera

The Party of the First Act says this should be #1

415 In the Loop
416 We're the Millers

It is so funny its one one the funniest films I have seen

417 21 and Over
418 Sanjuro

Easily Akira Kurosawa's most laid back and relaxed movie, this one follows nine young samurai and their smarter but lazy older mentor, the ronin with no name himself, trying to settle a conflict in a town after the nine accidentally trust the wrong person.The title character is the same one from Yojimbo, and he spends most of the time just sleeping around while dispensing wise advice to these young idiots, and participating in the occasional fight. When he does fight, he is fierce and ferocious, but then again, he's played by the superbly athletic Toshiro Mifune.The movie has a lot of depth to it, and a strong anti-violence message which, while not so subtle, does provide some surprising character development in our ruthless hero, who tries desperately to stay his hand throughout.That said, it is a very good-natured movie with some really funny moments in it. The part that made me laugh was the nine idiots jumping up and down and cheering, before realising their enemies are right next ...more

419 Where the Buffalo Roam
420 All of Me
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