Greatest Comedy Movies of All Time

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41 Napoleon Dynamite

Love it or hate it movie for sure. But I loved its deadpan humour

This movie is the funniest movie ever

How is this below SUPERB MOVIE!

So funny it's a crime

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42 This Is the End

This is literally one of the only comedies I can call a comedy, because of how actually funny and genius the idea is

How is this not rated higher than Happy Gilmore?!?

What. this is. Not in top 10... Oh common

43 Young Frankenstein

Put... The candle... Back.

Put... The candle... Back.

Simply a great movie.

This was an awesome, hysterically funny movie. I could watch it once a week and never get tired of it!

Mel Brooks at his best.

Only at 44? Rip my faith in humanity

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44 Billy Madison

This is the best comedy of all time. Adam Sandler at his best! Oh, and how can we forget Chris Farley?

Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that I'm not a fool

Terrible movie. Overrated didn't like it when I was a kid, still don't like it today

This is definitely top 5 material!

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45 Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Mike Myers is a funny man! And Austin Powers is definitely his best movie, if you haven't watched it your weird and Dr. Evil is the funniest movie character of all time

lots of funny moments funniest movie of all time, and good action as well as a great soundtrack, just like the 1st one - roblist

This movie is so funny as if it didn't make the top ten - robertoantonioortuso

so funny!

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46 There's Something About Mary

This is a classic Ben Stiller. From the privates caught in the zipper to the crying at the end. Love him and think he's hilarious!

I've seen this movie 20 times (maybe more) and still laugh. This is rated way to low.

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47 American Pie

What! American Pie on 33. Are you kidding! It's the best comedy series I have ever seen. It's the best comedy movie. It deserves to be one the top!

This should be at least top 10 and this is one of the only movies with sequels that are just as funny

This is the comedy of a generation and deserves to be higher

Funny and relatable, I love this movie

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48 Tropic Thunder

Seriously? Number 60?! It's the best movie of all time! How can you people do this? Have you people even see this movie yet?


This is by far the number 1 movie in my list

"You never go full retard"

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49 Trading Places

Looking good, Billy Ray! Feeling good Louis! 'enough said.

One of the best satirical Christmas-Comedies ever

50 Pineapple Express

funniest movie iv ever seen and iv seen most of these movies including the holy grail

One of the best Movies I've seen made me laugh from beginning to end

The best comedy movie in which Seth Rogen has starred, with several funny situations and comments

I can't accept that they haven't done a sequel after this 😥

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51 Planes, Trains and Automobiles

One of my favorite movies of all time. - FakeGlasses

great movie, one of the best I saw in years! RIP to the big fat guy!

The funniest movie of the 80's! I see every Thanksgiving I watch it and don't stop laughing.

More funny than dumb and dumb

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52 Zoolander

Fantastic clever movie. Love it when Ben stiller smashes the model of the school saying it's too small.

Love this movie.

An overlooked masterpiece! Will Ferrel's Mugatu is pure genius. Mer-MAN. Mer-MAN! Give this one another watch and bump it up the list.

53 Team America: World Police

They don't get much better.

wow this is the most friggin hilarious movies ever. - pert

If you like offensive joke. 'Like me' This movie is for you. HILARIOUS

This movie has me cracking up every time


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54 The Waterboy

Watched with friend could not stop laughing

My mamasaid alligaters are angry because they got all them teeth and no toothbrushes laugh out loud hilarious movie my tummy was sore at the end from laughing

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55 The Inbetweeners V 1 Comment
56 Back to the Future

I love back to the future so much!

57 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

70? Is this a joke or something?

Underrated, this movie is hilarious

This movie is so outrageously FUNNY!

58 Kingpin
59 The Simpsons Movie

Reminds me of the cinemas - Potbellypup2

This needs to be higher.

This shouold Be Number 1

60 A Fish Called Wanda

Beside the rest of these films. Fish Called Wander has Comedy with Intelligence to the film, which make this a movie to remember for ever!

It was between this film and hot fuzz for me but Otto was the difference 'don't call me stupid'

This is truly a great co, edy and should be much higher on your list.

Don't call me stupid... - MontyPython

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