Greatest Comedy Movies of All Time

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101 Yes Man V 2 Comments
102 Horrible Bosses

Three friends conspire to murder their awful bosses when they realize they are standing in the way of their happiness. The best comedy movie in last 5 years!

This movie was HILARIOUS! You gotta be kidding me it's this far back.

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103 Scary Movie 4

Hey this should be top three, who doesn't laugh on this movie is way too mental

The funniest movie in trilogy I wanted this 2 hours to make this more awesome

104 Grown Ups 2

Intoxicated while taking your drivers test? Minus five points.

I know that the story sucks, but come on it's hilarious!

This is one of the worst movies ever made. Why is this even on the list?

105 Deadpool

How is deadpool 97? Its hilarious and I think Ryan Reynolds is the best actor and new comedian to portray deadpool in this movie. This movie had a gross renevue over $700million. I know this movie is just about the origin of the character. Please let this movie go above 20.

A very funny and entertaining movie

Funny movie good characters and good storyline

Its amazing

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106 Garfield: The Movie

Funny Movie - masoncarr2244

107 Clue (1985)
108 Police Academy V 2 Comments
109 Idiocracy

This was such a funny movie, to be honest. A guilty pleasure! - MontyPython

110 Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

In my opinion better than anchorman 1

111 Toy Story 3
112 UHF
113 Mike Bassett: England Manager

Its on your head son not of your head son

114 The Cottage
115 Rush Hour

By far the best comedian movie by any Asian

When Jackie was hanging in last seen and Carter say hold on for about an hour and I am going to bring an ambulance. Haha

This should be in the top ten. this movie is so funny

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116 Revenge of the Nerds
117 Uncle Buck

You should see the toast. I couldn't even get it through the door! Should be in at least top 10! Come on people!.R.I. P one and only John Candy!

118 American Psycho V 1 Comment
119 The Graduate
120 Clueless
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